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Should you watch CBS’s The Good Wife?


Sarah Lawrence grad Julianna Margulies is back on regular TV in the new CBS drama, The Good Wife, which premieres tonight at 10 p.m.

The Good Wife

Her show wins the prize for the season’s timeliest premise: Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, who stands by her husband (Chris Noth) as he resigns as Illinois State’s Attorney amidst a sex and corruption scandal.

Can anyone say Silda Spitzer? Elizabeth Edwards? Jenny Sanford?

The series follows the typical legal-case-of-the-week format, but what makes the show a standout is Alicia’s emotional baggage.

Will she end up divorcing her cheating hubby? Can she make it as a cutthroat lawyer after 15 years away from the courtroom?

For my full review of The Good Wife, click here – and check out the sneak preview below before watching the show tonight!


(Photo and video courtesy of CBS)

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Mad Men, 30 Rock win big at Emmys


Mad Men and 30 Rock were the big winners at last night’s Emmy awards, scooping up the trophies for Best Drama and Best Comedy.

But those shows didn’t sweep the ceremony: Mad Men didn’t pick up a single acting award, and in one of the night’s biggest surprises, Toni Collette (United States of Tara) beat out favorite Tina Fey for Best Actress in a Comedy.


Another shocker was Kristin Chenoweth’s supporting actress win for her role in the now-canceled Pushing Daisies. She also had one of the best acceptance speeches, using the stage for the world’s cutest job pitch: “I’m not employed now, so I’d like to be on Mad Men. I also like The Office and 24.

Chenoweth’s unexpected victory was delightful. Not so much? Jon Cryer’s win for Two and a Half Men. (Seriously? While still wildly popular, that series – and Cryer’s performance – have gotten as stale as week-old bread.)

However, voters did correct a major wrong by finally giving a supporting actor Emmy to Lost‘s Michael Emerson, whose third nomination proved to be the charm.

The rest of the big winners were pretty much repeats of last year: Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), Bedford’s Glenn Close (Damages) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) snagged their second consecutive Emmys.

And The Amazing Race and Jeff Probst won again in the reality categories, too: Incredibly, it’s Race‘s SEVENTH win in a row!

So did your favorites win last night? Were you outraged by any one particular win?

Anyone else think that Cherry Jones is awesome, but her Emmy-winning role on 24 last season was pretty one-note?

How did first-time host Neil Patrick Harris do?

(Photos courtesy of CBS)

Posted by Heather Salerno on Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 7:46 am
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Our Emmy predictions!


Are you up for TV’s biggest night on Sunday (8 p.m., CBS)?

In the words of host Neil Patrick Harris’ alter ego – How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson – it should be awesome.

OK, awesome might be taking it too far. To be honest, the Emmys have been a bit of a snooze in recent years. But it’s still pretty fun to watch all the pretty people on the red carpet – and yell at the screen when your favorite show gets robbed of a trophy, isn’t it?


So who are YOU rooting for? Do you think 30 Rock and Mad Men – with an amazing 22 and 16 nominations each – will sweep everything?

Below is the list of the nominees in the top categories, with my winning predictions in bold. Now, these are predictions only – not those I actually WANT to see win.

If that were the case, Remote Access would be checking off Lost and Kristin Chenoweth – and neither have a snowball’s chance in Hades. (I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong, however.)

That said, click through for your Emmy scorecard of the main events…and see if you agree with my foggy crystal ball.

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Posted by Heather Salerno on Friday, September 18th, 2009 at 12:17 pm
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The Office returns with a baby bump and 100 episodes in the bank


What a difference a DVD makes.

I’ve slowly been making my way through my Office Season 5 DVD set, having watched all the deleted scenes, the blooper reel and two of the commentaries so far. But it was the “100 episodes, 100 moments” montage, eight and a half minutes of highlights from the show’s every episode, that reminded my why I still care.

gossip-dwight-ryanYeah, the first 28 outshined the final 72, but there were stellar moments throughout. (Nothing to see here, by the way.)

And since then I’ve been pretty pumped up for tonight’s Season 6 premiere. Set your DVRs for 8:57 p.m.

Gossip — Michael feels left out as the rest of the office gossips about the summer interns. While Michael searches for the next juicy rumor to share, Andy struggles with heterosexuality.

Not much to go on there, but there are plenty of reviews of the pilot out there. I didn’t get my screener in time, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be spoiled for the premiere anyway. ign.com, for one, loved it.

I’ve given up on expecting the episode summaries to accurately reflect the episodes. Random predictions are as likely to be accurate.

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Posted by Brian Howard on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 10:59 am
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Should you watch NBC’s Community tonight?


In a nutshell: You betcha!


Community‘s a quirky little comedy that fits right in amongst NBC’s other Thursday night quirkfests: The Office and 30 Rock. (Sorry, I can’t muster up much enthusiasm for Parks and Recreation – at least not based on last season’s lackluster laughs.)

It’s a little bit snarky, sure – but personally, I’m a big fan of the snark.

Joel McHale excels as a slimy lawyer who needs a college degree and fast – don’t ask, it’s a long story – so he enrolls at Greendale Community College. A supporting cast of oddballs – including Bedford’s Chevy Chase in his first regular TV gig since SNL – rounds out the show nicely, too.

Check out my full review of the first episode here – and check out the show yourself at 9:30 p.m. tonight!

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

Posted by Heather Salerno on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 8:00 am
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Gossip Girl season premiere recap: Reversals of Fortune


My, oh my, didn’t it seem like ALL of our favorite Upper East Siders hooked up over the summer?

Well, everyone except Dan. (Hey, his turn is coming after Georgina returns next week: Yes – whoops, my bad, SPOILER ALERT! – I said Dan and GEORGINA…)


And Eric and Jenny didn’t hook up either, it seems. Not with each other, of course – with anyone else. Although an Eric-Jenny mini-romance would be fun. (Note to GG writers: Have Eric give the straight life a try for an episode or two, just for kicks.)

Anyway, I digress. It was indeed the summer of smooching and more. (Stealing horses and carousing in the woods? Shame, shame, Carter and Serena.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel much passion about any of these relationships, even – GASP! – Chuck and Blair.

Yes, the two were still together, although the couple were trying to jazz up their brand-new relationship already by role-playing (a.k.a. Blair going psycho when she catches C. flirting with other girls). Not to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but did anyone else find their new reindeer games a bit, well, sad? These kids are 18 and  have been going out for just three months, but they need to spice things up already? Then again, maybe they’re right, because I was a bit bored with their togetherness too – and I only had to watch them for an hour.

I can’t even remember a single decent quip from either of them last night, can you? Has monogamy sapped them of their snark? Sigh. We’re only one ep into Season Three, and already, I long for the game-playing, will-they-or-won’t-they days of old. Not good. However, I must say that Chuck’s sincere “I’m not Chuck Bass without you” was a bit of a heart-melter.

As for the rest of the gang, Nate was handed a mildly more interesting love life this season with the courtship of Bree Buckley, the daughter of his grandfather’s political rival. And seems like Gramps is going to use that somehow to bring down his conservative enemy: I’m guessing nude photos, aren’t you?

And jeez, can they give Nate a storyline that doesn’t involve a sex scandal? Oh, who am I kidding, like they’re going to squander Chase Crawford eye candy on some kind of, oh, I don’t know, let’s say, a term paper brouhaha at Columbia. Then again, I’m sure they’d figure out some way to feature Nate’s naked chest, even if the scene required a hazmat suit.

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John Schneider joins 90210 tonight


He was just a good ol’ boy when he was Bo Duke – not to mention the kindly Jonathan Kent (Smallville) and Marshall Bowman (The Secret Life of an American Teenager).


But now John Schneider is playing a mean guy – Liam’s plastic surgeon stepfather – when he joins the cast of 90210 tonight. And the Mount Kisco native couldn’t be happier about it.

When I interviewed him for our Fall TV preview, he told me:

<blockquote><div>It’s fun to be able to let loose, than play the stoic man of honor.</div></blockquote>

Read the full interview with Schneider here – and check him out tonight when he debuts alongside the Beverly Hills gang!

(Photo credit: Dana Patrick)

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Gossip Girl: They’re baaack…


Is Manhattan society shaking in its boots?

Yes, the couture kids from Gossip Girl are back for a new season. But this time around – EEK! – they’re about to be college freshmen.

But first, let’s catch up on everyone’s sure-to-be-scandal-packed vacations, shall we?

Starting with what every GG fan is dying to know…is Bluck still together after a summer of love?

And yes, Blair and Chuck are BF + GF – awww! – even though they’re still adjusting that that official relationship status.

What else?

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Reader Poll: Chuck is embarrassing Dunder Mifflin, Losties


Chuck doesn’t return to the NBC airwaves for another seven months, but Remote Access readers apparently look forward to its return far more than the nearer premiers of The Office or Lost.

That’s pretty unbelievable, when you think about it.

OK, the vote totals are pretty low. Still, as unscientific (read: meaningless) as it is, it’s still an embarassment in black-and-white to fans of other great shows coming back this fall and promising new ones making their debuts. (Glee, anyone?)  I won’t let factual accuracy keep me from making a big deal about it.

So come on. Cast your vote, write in your favorite show, then clear your cache and vote again if you want.

Tell us what new or returning show are you looking forward to most?

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It was a tough call, but how could I NOT buy The Office Season 5 DVDs?


I swore I wasn’t going to, but my willpower weakened as the summer drew on.

So this morning, as I found myself pushing a wonky-wheeled cart through the Mount Kisco Target where I was  picking up a few things, I gave in to inevitability.

I bought The Office Season 5 DVD set.

As I rambled on about the other day, my love affair with the show has cooled off considerably in recent season. And while Season 5 had fewer plot missteps than Season 3 and was more consistent than Season 4, it wasn’t without warts. Losing Amy Ryan, making Charles Minor both uninteresting and jerky, allowing Moroccan Christmas to air, dropping the Pam-goes-to-New-York storyline like a moldy beet and finishing the season with a pregnancy — A pregnancy! — come to mind.

But adding Amy Ryan in the first place, executing the brilliant Michael Scott Paper Company arc, allowing “Broke” to air and scenes like Dwight, Andy and Erin performing “Country Roads” and everyone walking out with Michael at the end of “Blood Drive” went a long way toward redeeming those missteps for me.

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Posted by Brian Howard on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 at 10:30 am
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Whee! It’s Glee!


Tonight’s premiere is the official launch of Glee (at 9 p.m), and GLEEks everywhere couldn’t be more thrilled!

Hey, I’m not jumping on any bandwagon here; I’ve been a card-carrying fan since the pilot aired last May.

But I’ve seen tonight’s second episode, and honestly, it’s even better than the first.

Tonight, the Glee club needs to recruit more members in order to make it to Nationals, and the kids know that their first performance in front of the entire school has to be killer.

Let’s just say that the number they choose to sing – a switcheroo made behind Will’s back – is an absolute show-stopper. (Check back here tomorrow to rave about it. Seriously, it’s that good.)

There’s also a significant tug-of-war between Quinn and Rachel over Finn, and Will’s baby-crazy wife, Terri, gets some shocking news.

Need more to get you excited? How about a rockin’ rendition of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” with Will on lead vocals?

Check out this behind-the-scenes chat with actor Matthew Morrison, describing his reaction to the news that he’d be tackling Mr. West…


Get ready, everyone: After tonight, I predict that you’ll be head-bopping and humming, “Get down, girl, go ‘head, get down” for quite awhile!

Get down, girl, go ‘head, get down…

(Photo and video courtesy of FOX)

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Cat Deeley chats about SYTYCD Season 6


The always fabulous Cat Deeley took some time to chat with reporters last week about the brand-new fall season of So You Think You Can Dance, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. (It’s the L.A. auditions, baby, yeah!)

Cat admitted to having some worries about SYTYCD debuting during the regular TV season, after having reaped great success as a summer series.

After all, the show will now go head-to-head with hits like NCIS and Dancing with the Stars on Tuesdays and America’s Next Top Model on Wednesdays.

But one thing she doesn’t worry about?

What she’s going to wear on the air.

The stunning Brit, who doesn’t use a stylist, has gotten heaps of praise for her fashion sense – and she says that she doesn’t plan her wardrobe at all in advance. She literally wakes up in the morning, decides what she feels like wearing on the show that night, pulls it out of her wardrobe and takes it to the studio.

Click through to see what else Cat commented on, including whether or not she’d like to see Paula Abdul on SYTYCD…and don’t forget to tune in tonight!

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The Office is returning and I’m trying to get pumped up for it — Thoughts?


I have to admit, I don’t love The Office anymore.

I really, really, really, really like it, but the obsession I once had for the show has waned in recent seasons. There’s still so much that’s great about it, and it’s probably the most consistently good show on television. It’s clearly the best sitcom on the air, and it’s one of NBC’s best offerings overall.

But the brilliant first two seasons have become distant memories, followed by some seriously misguided and strike-hampered story arcs in the next two seasons (though they weren’t without great moments). Season 5, though, marked, if not a return to form, at least an intermittently stretches of great storytelling.

(Check out my bullet-by-bullet take on Season 5 after the jump.)

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Birthday wishes from the heart: Chuck fans reboot charitable campaign


Even if Chuck isn’t back yet, the coolest fan campaign I’ve ever seen is.

We Heart Chuck, the fan effort that last May tied support for Chuck‘s renewal to donations to the American Heart Association, has rebooted. After raising more than $17,000 in 17 days from loyal fans, the show was given its delayed renewal, and the fundraising leveled off at over $18,000.

But fan enthusiasm never waned, as the summer-long “Chuck Me Mondays” events attest.

Now, with an eye to series star Zachary Levy’s Sept. 29 birthday, organizers are offering fans a chance to send him a personalized birthday card simply by making a donation to the AHA. For every donation, AHA will send Levi a card. And word is, he reads his mail. All of it.

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Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry join American Idol’s judge rotation


Avril Lavigne will join the judges’ panel when American Idol gets to its callback episode in Hollywood, according to Entertainment Weekly.

<a href=”http://view.picapp.com/default.aspx?term=avril lavigne&iid=4750874″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/5/8/9/8/16th_Annual_Race_cf23.jpg?adImageId=2806445&imageId=4750874″ width=”380″ height=”572″  border=”0″ alt=”16th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala”/></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/PicAppPIS/JavaScript/PisV4.js”></script>

So will Katy Perry, who had been announced as a guest judge earlier in the audition process but never scheduled.

Until now. So will the singer-songwriters be sweet or snide when critiquing Idol‘s wannabes?

We’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the two join the growing crew of stars filling in for the departed Paula Abdul, including Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain, Kristin Chenoweth, Joe Jonas and Neil Patrick Harris.

Speaking of NPK, who went to the Dallas auditions, check out his amusing interview with EW: It details how he got the gig (he’s friends with Kara DioGuardi) and whether he harshed on any contestants (he says he “shattered dreams”).


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Are you the biggest GLEEk?


Have you downloaded the Glee pilot to your iPhone, just so you can watch whenever the feeling hits you?

Do you prefer the Glee club version of “Don’t Stop Believin'” to Journey’s original?

Do you religiously follow Lea Michele (Rachel) and Cory Monteith (Finn) on Twitter?

Are you telling everyone you know to watch the official series launch on Sept. 9?

Then you might just be the biggest GLEEk, and FOX is inviting fans to prove that they are worthy of that very title!

Link your Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts to www.fox.com/gleek through Sept. 24, and you’ll start earning points based on how many times you mention Glee in status updates, postings or friend invites to the competition.

Then FOX’s little Internet elves will track the top point-earners on the GLEEderboard, with the best of the best making it all the way to “Nationals.”

You can also enter a contest to snag Glee merchandise (hats, t-shirts, etc.), – and one lucky GLEEk will win the grand prize of a trip for four to L.A. to have dinner with the Glee cast!

Don’t stop believin’, everyone – and be sure to tune in to tonight’s re-run of the show’s pilot. It’s a special director’s cut, which will feature never-before-seen footage. (And for all those setting their DVRs, the episode starts at 8:58 p.m.)

Go, Glee!

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Wrong-way crash driver’s husband to appear on Larry King tonight


I don’t watch a lot of Larry King. To be honest, I can’t remember ever sitting through a full interview of his.

He has interesting guests, but I find King himself pretty tough to take.

That said, I plan to check out his show tonight at 9 p.m. on CNN.

LoHud.com is reporting that King will have Daniel Schuler, husband of wrong-way crash mom Diane Schuler, on as a guest.

Diane Schuler was the woman who drove north in the southbound lane of the Taconic Parkway July 26, striking an oncoming SUV in a collision that killed her, her 2-year-old daugther and three young nieces, as well as three Yonkers men on their way to a family dinner.

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Posted by Brian Howard on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 3:17 pm
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How I spent my summer vacation (from TV blogging), and my plans for fall


Summer’s over, and school is back in session.

Well, not school so much as TV blogging, which I took an unexpected hiatus from doing about a month ago. But things seem to be settling down and I’m ready to get back into a rhythm of watching, recapping and generally rambling about the shows I like watching most.

At least that’s how it starts out. Why blog about shows you don’t like, right? Well, you don’t plan on a 30 Rock to turn stale in its third season after two spectacular ones, and you don’t expect a Parks and Recreation to be so uneven despite a solid pedigree. You sure don’t expect NBC to keep milking Heroes long after every viewer and half the cast seemed to stop caring.

No, no one makes me stick with shows that I no longer have the passion for, but it’s hard to give up on a show. That said, taking a few weeks off before a new season allows me to do a reset. And here’s how my blog-sponsibilities shape up for the immediate future.

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Posted by Brian Howard on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 1:14 pm
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FOX offers ‘tweet-peats’ of Fringe and Glee


Fringe and Glee don’t premiere until later this month, but FOX has figured out a way to make repeats of these shows fun.

The network offers reruns of Fringe‘s shocking episode, “The Pattern,” on Thursday, and Glee‘s pilot on Friday (both at 9 p.m.).

As both shows air, actors and producers will send in tweets, via Twitter as well as an onscreen scroll. They’ll offer commentary about the episodes, answer fan questions and drop some hints about the upcoming season.

So who’ll be participating?

The Fringe folks include cast members Joshua Jackson and John Noble, along with executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman. (The show premieres on Sept. 17.)

As for the Glee crew, look out for messages from Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn), Mark Salling (Puck), Chris Colfer (Kurt), Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Kevin McHale (Artie).

Most of the Glee kids have actually been tweeting all summer as they tour the country to promote the series, which officially launches Sept. 9. (I’ve already seen the premiere ep, and if possible, it’s even better than the pilot!)

So if you want to check out some of the Glee club’s preliminary chit-chat before Friday, keep clicking for hyperlinks to each cast member’s Twitter account…

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American Idol’s next guest judge: Kristin Chenoweth


Boy, Kristin Chenoweth isn’t letting any grass grow under her petite feet.

Not only is she up for an Emmy award next month for her role on the dearly departed Pushing Daisies, she’ll be the next celebrity guest judge on American Idol.

<a href=”http://view.picapp.com/default.aspx?term=kristen chenoweth&iid=2761691″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/7/9/b/4/The_Late_Late_82e0.jpg?adImageId=2757493&imageId=2761691″ width=”380″ height=”315″  border=”0″ alt=”The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”/></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/PicAppPIS/JavaScript/PisV4.js”></script>

Chenoweth – who’s also got a spot on FOX’s Glee coming up – will be at Idol’s Orlando auditions later this week, according to People.com.

Now this is what I was talking about earlier this week when I harshed on the news that Neil Patrick Harris would be an Idol judge, too. Once again, I love NPH, but one role in Broadway’s Cabaret doesn’t exactly make him a singer.

Chenoweth, on the other hand, is a musical theater veteran: She’s a Tony winner best known as the original Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked. Classically trained in opera, she’s performed at the Metropolitan Opera House and recorded a number of albums.

Who else is excited to see the wee KC on the small screen again, even if it’s in small doses?

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