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What’s the best ‘Sopranos’ one-liner?


Another day passes during our Sopranos love-fest, as the show gets ready to kick off its final nine episodes next Sunday.

Since 1999, the HBO series has given us a whole lot of drama: The whacked characters alone could fill an entire cemetery.

But “The Sopranos� has given us a lot of laughs, too. Rarely does an episode go by without making me crack up at least once.

(THE SOPRANOS 2006: Edie Falco. Photo by HBO/Craig Blankenhorn)

Conversations like this one are pretty commonplace:

Acting New York mob boss Phil: As coincidence would have it, [Fat Dom] was last seen in New Jersey.

Tony: So was the Hindenberg. Maybe you want to look into that too.

But my all-time favorite comes from the fabulous Carmela in Season 2, when she shows that she’s not above flinging around her husband’s reputation to get what she wants.

In “Full Leather Jacket,� Carmela asks Joan O’Connell, the twin sister of her neighbor, Jean Cusamano, and a Georgetown Law graduate, to write a letter of recommendation for college-bound Meadow.

Joan tells Carmela no, because she doesn’t know Meadow at all. Not one to take no for an answer when it comes to her kids, Carmela shows up unannounced at Joan’s office with a ricotta pie – with pineapple.

Tell me if this exchange doesn’t make you chuckle:

Carmela: I don’t think you understand. I want you to write that letter.

Joan: Excuse me?

Carmela: I said I want you to write the letter.

Joan: Are you threatening me?

Carmela: Threat, what threatening? I brought you a ricotta pie and high school transcripts so you could write a letter of recommendation for my little daughter to Georgetown.

So after six seasons, what line from “The Sopranos” made you laugh out loud?

And don’t forget about our “Sopranosâ€? contest. “Go here”:http://remote.lohudblogs.com/2007/03/28/win-a-sopranos-prize/ to comment on how you think the series will end, and the most creative answer wins a “Sopranosâ€? cookbook!

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