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Chloe drops a D-bomb!


Oh yeah, baby! Chloe says “Dammit!”, Jack goes rogue, the president’s in a coma and the vice president/acting president is totally insane.

This, my friends is classic “24.” Sigh. And <a href=”http://thejacksack.blogspot.com/index.html” target=”_blank”>The Jack Sack</a> made his <a href=”http://thejacksack.blogspot.com/2007/04/comeback-special-return-of-jack-sack.html” target=”_blank”>triumphant return</a> last night! (It had been far <a href=”http://thejacksack.blogspot.com/2007/03/hey-jack-remember-me.html” target=”_blank”>too long</a>.)
24_618-sc1815_111_f.jpgSo the hour starts off OK. Jack, unarmed (well, not pointing a weapon at them anyhow), manages to trick two fully armed Marines into letting him take the circuit board out of one of the snukes. Morris really pissed me off. Chloe was totally right — if Jack says he’ll make sure the Chinese don’t get to walk away with the goods, the Chinese won’t walk away with the goods. Morris’ lack of faith in Jack (and, by extension, in Chloe) is truly disheartening, as is Buchanan’s. Don’t they know Jack by now? Has Jack ever let his country down? Sure, everyone he’s ever loved, except Kate Warner (yes, still my favorite Bauer girl, which is like a Bond girl, but usually dead), has died or ended up in a loony bin or been tortured by the Chinese or married his brother (some would say a fate worse than any of the first three). But when it comes to the good old USofA, Jack always comes through.

Buchanan should know better. So what does Jack do? He goes straight to the man at the top — Muppet Baby Zombie Palmer. Sure, the prez is a bit reluctant at first, even more so when he realizes he’s authorizing a suicide mission. Jack ever-so-gently reminds Muppet Baby that just 16 hours ago, he was turning him over to Abu Fayed, who he knew was going to torture and kill Jack, so what the hell.

<blockquote><div>You owe me. </div></blockquote>

Indeed he does, Jack.

Haha, Little Ricky — you had to uncuff Jack and even take him on his mission. Serves you right for pointing your gun at Jack Bauer in the first place. I thought Jack was going to smack him but good when he made that remark about hoping “this woman” was worth it. And I’m no Audrey fan, either (is anyone?). Jack reminds him:

<blockquote><div>She served this country with honor. </div></blockquote>

And honor, my friends, is something Jack prizes above all else.

Why Buchanan and Doyle didn’t think that Jack would realize something was up with that phone call, when all of a sudden Doyle is telling him they have to take a different route, I’ll never know. Jack is smarter than all the rest of CTU combined. Except maybe Chloe, and that’s just because she has a different skill set.


It was so great to see Chloe helping Jack clandestinely again; that’s the first time this season, if memory serves. Buchanan was right in leaving Chloe out of the loop on the operation to close down Jack’s operation, though. She completely would have done whatever she could to help Jack do what he needs to do. And she still will.

From what I’ve read, spoiler-wise, Buchanan’s going rogue with Jack later this season, so I won’t be _too_ hard on him.

OK, this is the part I had the most trouble with last night: In the 10 or so minutes from the time when Muppet Baby OKs Jack’s mission to when he collapses and Cy Tolliver takes over, he had the time to have someone type up a presidential directive saying he OKd Jack’s mission? C’mon? They don’t even go to the bathroom on this show, and now they’re doing the appropriate paperwork? And like they’d even put it in writing anyhow.

But that’s a minor point. Obviously, that’s the only way Tolliver could have found out that Muppet Baby had allowed Jack to set this in motion and therefore the only way he could have stopped the job, yada yada yada.


Speaking of, Tolliver gets slimier each episode, which I didn’t even think was possible. I think that in the end, Lennox (who I like more with each episode, and I didn’t think _that_ was possible, either, so what do I know?) will eventually ferret out that Daniels was behind the attempted assassination and therefore knock him out of power. He’s not going to force Daniels to quit over “conspiracy to commit perjury” (how many times did they say that phrase last night? Oy vey) at a time like this, but trying to kill the prez? That’s another issue entirely. That’s my prediction. Of course, trying to predict what’s going to happen on “24” is kind of like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree.

You know, other things happened last night but it’s already taken me hours to get this far, so I’ll just leave you with this (if you want a minute-by-minute recap of the ep, visit <a href=”http://blogs4bauer.blogspot.com/” target=”_blank”>Blogs4Bauer</a> for <a href=”http://blogs4bauer.blogspot.com/2007/04/liveblogging-11-pm-12-am.html” target=”_blank”>liveblogging</a> or <a href=”http://blogs4bauer.blogspot.com/2007/04/tivoblogging-following-takes-place_17.html” target=”_blank”>Tivoblogging</a>):

24_618-sc1827_147_f.jpg• Daniels is in charge and hitting on his psycho assistant
• Muppet Baby’s in a coma
• Lennox and Karen are buddies now (what?!)
• Jack’s gone rogue (you just can’t say that too many times)
• Chloe’s Chloe again
• Morris is a jerk
• Bill Buchanan is (temporarily) a jerk, though I guess he kinda sorta maybe has to be
• Doyle’s been left holding onto a chain-link fence somewhere off the 118.

Next week? Jack, a component that could give the Chinese access to Russian military something or another, Audrey in the gunsights of the Chinese and C4. Woo-hoo!

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