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The Carnival of Bauer!!!



Step right up, boys and girls for the weekly Carnival of Bauer!!!

We have your recaps, we have your humor, we have The Jack Sack asking just one question — WHY? And, of course, we have the Point-Counterpoint-Counterpoint (yeah, you read that right) over at Blogs4Bauer, with everyone arguing that they’re Josh’s father. Never since Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker has the paternity question been so fraught with emotional peril.

It would be much more peril-fraught, however, if any of us actually cared who was Josh’s father.

Anyhow, with that, I bring you to this week’s carnival:

First off, we have Jimmy Atkinson asking the cocktail-party question, What Was Jack Bauer’s College Major? over at OEDb: Online Education Database.

Then, hop on over to Tommy Lawyer last week’s carnival host, where Clark Bar gives us 24 LiveBlogging 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Steve, as usual, presents us a hilarious, minute-by-minute breakdown of yet another episode in the worst season in 24’s history. That does, however, make Steve’s summaries even funnier. Over at Magic Lamp.

SVC Alumnus, as a counterpoint to May 9th’s Jack Bauer Appreciation Day, gives us Chloe O’Brian Appreciation Day, over at A SVC Alumnus’ Blog.

Rickey Henderson (and the lovely Mrs. Henderson — in truth, I think she probably tries to have as little to do with Rickey’s blog as she can, but I’m sure she makes it all possible) gives us his Weekly “24” Roundup over at the unfortunately Mets-friendly Riding with Rickey.

Jeff Kouba gives us his weekly recap, 24 Day 6 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM over at Truth v. The Machine.

Oh, and <a href=”http://blog.24in24.info/2007/05/17/season-6-3-to-4-am/” target=”_blank”>here’s</a> 24 in 24.

And <a href=”http://blogs4bauer.blogspot.com/2007/05/miss-blogs4bauer-final-four.html” target=”_blank”>don’t forget to vote</a> in the Miss Blogs4Bauer competition.

That’s all!

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