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A lackluster end



I don’t know about you all, but last night’s episode of “24” — though better than much of the season — left me wanting.

It was sort of anti-climactic.

Part of that might be my fault. I read too many pieces of spoilers, amounting to a whole bunch of mini-spoilers, most of which, apparently, were untrue.

No one who was once thought dead “came back with a vengeance.” We didn’t find out who Josh’s real father was. We didn’t see Philip Bauer die. We’re left with a vision of Jack staring out at the sea, contemplating where his life goes from here.

Sure, that sets up a Season 7 that won’t be based around CTU (which, frankly, has become a parody of itself). But we didn’t learn anything about who really was behind anything.

We didn’t learn who really was behind the plot to assassinate a second Palmer president. We didn’t learn why Jack’s family is made up of sociopaths. We didn’t find out why Josh was so damn important! And what the hell happened in Denver with Doyle, anyhow?

So I, Amy Vernon, humble newspaper editor and TV blogger, am going to tell you what I think. Am I right? No freakin’ clue, but I’m madder than Jack Bauer when a terrorist nukes his beloved L.A. (OK, maybe not that mad, but close.)

First off, if Josh isn’t Jack’s son, he’s Phillip’s son. It seemed like Phillip was going to say that before Josh shot him, but the writers chickened out. It would also answer why I suspect Marilyn of being in on the whole Audrey being tortured by the Chinese thing. If she’s with Phillip (um, ick), then she’s as evil as Graem and Phillip. Note, Phillip did say Marilyn could come be with him and Josh at any time. Sure, Phillip’s a lying sociopath, but he seemed genuine. (Did I just say that?)


As for Bill and Jack, they were an awesome team. Now, finally, I see why Bill was head of CTU. He was a pilot? Who knew? Some great flying. And he refused to leave Jack behind to die, lowering that rope or nylon ladder or whatever it was, knowing that if anyone could make the jump to it, that anyone would be Jack. That whole scene was incredible. (But leaving Papa Bauer with a working motorboat? Sure Papa was badly injured, potentially fatally, but he’s a sociopath and could easily escape. Why didn’t Jack at least take the component from him? Or would it have been more difficult to set up Season 7 if he had?)
He also knew that Jack needed to leave CTU for good, leave his old life for good. “Let him go,” he sagely advised Nadia. He was right, anyhow, if Jack didn’t want to be found, no one was going to find him.

I know I joke about Jack being our favorite sociopath, but he is truly an utterly broken man who, if not a sociopath, is suffering from deep psychosis, depression and just about everything else one can suffer from without having a split personality.

As my friend <a href=”http://thejacksack.blogspot.com/2007/05/tragedy-of-jack-bauer.html” target=”_blank”>The Jack Sack</a> sagely pointed out, the scene between Jack and SecDef Heller was another outstanding moment in the series. And even though I find Audrey extremely annoying (bring back Kate Warner!), the scene where he said his goodbye to his lady love was quite touching (probably in part because she didn’t speak).


Then there’s Chloe and Morris. First off, Chloe was pretty much in Chloe-ish form last night, snapping at people, reminding them that Jack is always right, etc. But then she had to go ahead and get herself knocked up (by the way, show of hands — who didn’t guess she was preggers the very first time she seemed a little woozy and Morris asked her what was wrong? No one? That’s what I figured.)

Given that CTU’s going to be out of the picture next year, we’re not going to see much of Chloe, I’m figuring. And no one really wants to see more of Morris, so putting her in the family way capped a nice run she had on the show. I never would have guessed the first time she showed up that I’d come to love Chloe second only to Jack. In fact, she really annoyed me back in Season 3. I wish we’d seen more Chloe-ness this season. She just wasn’t herself. Now we know why. Hormones can do that to a personality.

I was kind of glad how the Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan storyline wrapped up. Bill’s gotten jerked around so much, but went out like a hero. Now his legacy and career will be remembered fondly in the halls of CTU and he gets to stay with his wife whom he obviously loves (why, I’m not so sure, but he does, and I wish him well, so that ends up meaning I wish Karen well, too).

24_623-sc2335_0161_f.jpgGee Ricky, I’m sorry Papa Bauer blew up your eyes (10 points to anyone who gets that movie reference). That wouldn’t have happened to Jack, though. Too trusting, Ricky. Trying to be the good guy ’til the end. It was great when you gave Josh your word. A tip of the hat to the master. (Anyone catch when Papa Bauer’s baddies gave him a “copy that” over the walkies?)

24_623-sc2337_009_f.jpgCreep — I mean, Veep — Cy Tolliver learns a Very Special lesson, that it’s easier to criticize those in power than be in power oneself. Is Wayne Palmer alive?

By the way, what the hell was the point of Milo’s brother showing up?

For sure, last night had more than its share of classic, fantastic 24 moments. The scene where the Russians basically figure, sure the platform’s blown up, so everything must be OK now was a hoot. The whole helicopter sequence, perfect.

But the supposed ending that was all over the blogosphere (obviously planted by the show’s creators to lead us astray), had Jack stepping into a car that drives up to him at the end of the day after whoever’s inside is someone he knows and apparently trusted.

I kept expecting to see that; for it to be Tony Almeida. So maybe that all colored it for me, made me enjoy it less. I just don’t know.

But as I’ve said many times before this season, a bad hour of 24 is still far better than a good hour of most of the rest of the drek on TV.

Will I stick around for Seasons 7 & 8? You betcha.

Will I hope for Seasons 9 & 10? Natch.

Check out <a href=”http://blogs4bauer.blogspot.com/” target=”_blank”>Blogs4Bauer</a> on Thursday for the final Carnival of Bauer of the season, and vote in the <a href=”http://blogs4bauer.blogspot.com/2007/05/miss-blogs4bauer-championship.html” target=”_blank”>Miss Blogs4Bauer Championship</a>, Nadia vs Chloe (I voted for Chloe).

<i>All photos courtesy of Fox.</i>

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