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Jericho: Black Jack, recap No. 1


Welcome to our second week of Jericho guest bloggers. Here’s guest blog No. 1, by Jane, of Alabama. Here’s the basic info on her:
<b>Started watching Jericho:</b>The pilot episode.
<b>Favorite character:</b> Darcy Hawkins because she is a strong female character. She changes to become more and more independent as the show progresses. [Amy note: This was an excellent episode to see that strength and independence evolve!]
<b>What makes Jericho special:</b> It’s the sense of community, the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor. It’s like in past times when a person’s barn would burn and all the neighbors would come help build a new one.
<b>More about Jane:</b> I am proud to be a Jericho Ranger.
<b>Jane’s Jericho site:</b> <a href=”http://jerichomonster.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”>Jericho Monster</a>
Jane got very creative with her blog post (more so than I’ve ever been!), so I present it to you here without further blather by me — except to say that I’d forgotten what a good episode “Black Jack” was!

<h3>Breaking News: Jericho, Kansas</h3>

<i>The gas supply for the town’s generators is running low. It has been suggested that windmills are the answer but Jericho doesn’t have the needed parts to get a windmill working. This may be the only way our town can survive. Johnston Green, his son Jake, Dale, and Heather will be traveling to Black Jack Fairgrounds, a trading post in Nebraska, to acquire the needed parts.</i>

<h3>Breaking News Update: Jericho, Kansas</h3>

<i>We have just learned that Johnston, Jake, Heather, and Dale arrived safely in Black Jack although they found it heavily guarded. They discovered a News Board and have been informed that the United States now has six capitals with six people claiming to be President. The board also has news predicting the worst winter in decades coming soon.</i>

<h3>News Flash: Jericho, Kansas</h3>

<i>Johnston, Jake, Heather, and Dale found the needed part. Unable to trade salt for the part Dale stole it. Our townspeople were caught, but some old friends of Heather’s helped them escape. Heather explained to Jake that her friend, Ted from New Bern, has a way to build the part they need and she has the knowledge so she will go to New Bern to help build the windmill.</i>


<i>Robert Hawkins and his family have a newcomer named Sarah staying with them. Sarah has come to Jericho from St. Louis where she and Robert worked together. Hawkins and Sarah are looking for their employer (Old Man) whom they feel betrayed them. It appears to us, however, that Sarah may be the traitor because she received a message asking her if she has located a certain “package.” While Hawkins thinks he and Sarah are going to go kill the Old Man, Sarah receives a message asking if she has found the package. When she replies that she has not, she gets the response, “How should we proceed?”

Sarah replies, “We use his family.”</i>

Stay tuned……

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