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Clerks in space!!!!


This is either really good news or, well, just plain weird.

Kevin Smith is set to direct an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

In case you forgot, Smith is the genius (to some) behind Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob and, my personal favorite, Dogma. (I’m not going to hold Jersey Girl against him. Everyone has a bad day.)

He’s also directed the pilot of Reaper (a new, hopefully hit show on the CW. The pilot definitely has that Barton Fink feeling) and he’s on board to direct episodes of Heroes — Origins in the spring.

But Battlestar is definitely quite a bit darker than any of these others. While BSG has moments of levity here and there, it’s not one of those shows you laugh out loud at. To his credit, he’s completely nervous about it.

<blockquote><div>It is scary because it is like, ‘What the f—? I can’t bring anything to that show.’ That show is genius and they have a very distinctive visual style.</div></blockquote>

True. But Smith is quite talented himself, and a huge BSG fan. Hopefully, he will bring something to the show and make his mark in this, its final season.

By the by: The BSG mini-sodes leading up to the November airing of Razor will be shown (much to my despair) during Flash Gordon. Yay for DVRs. I can record Flash and not have to actually watch it, just fast-forwarding to the mini-sodes. Or maybe I’ll just watch them online.

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