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Jericho: One If By Land recap 2


Guest blogger Erika is the first to include a photo to run with her recap. Here she is:

She was shy at first about joining the Great Jericho Blogging Experiment, but she finally caved. Here’s her info, then her recap of “One If By Land”:

<b>Name:</b> I am all over the Internet as kricka, but my real name is Erika.
<b>Age:</b> Turned 39 in July, woo hoo!!
<b>Where I live:</b> Brooklyn, N.Y.
<b>When I started watching Jericho:</b> My butt was on the couch right from the start.
<b>My favorite character on the show and why:</b> Ooooh, I am so bad with picking favorites, so I’m not gonna. I will say that I can relate to Jake, Heather, Mimi and Stanley (and I guess that gives away lots about me, including who I am rooting for in the romance department).
<b>What about Jericho makes it so special to me:</b> Other than the post-apocalyptic thing that I am much more intrigued by than I had previously realized, what I love the most about Jericho is that it doesn’t portray small-town folk as simple-minded. I grew up in small towns in different parts of the country, and people are just as complex and interesting in small towns as they are in big cities. This show captures that nicely, without really judging anyone. Also, I like how nothing is black and white, but only shades of gray.
<b>More about me:</b> Like most of my friends, I am happily unmarried and childless, and our lives don’t even come close to resembling “Sex and the City.” That show has caused more misunderstandings and annoyances with people who don’t live here, as much as I did love to watch. And I know New Yorkers get a bad rap in other parts of the country for being only concerned with ourselves and being snooty, but there are a lot of us who are really interested in the rest of the country, and appreciate the quirks and differences from region to region.
<b>Me, on the Internet:</b> I write a blog, Short Story Life, that is totally random. Sometimes I post every day, sometimes you won’t hear from me for a month. Also, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Television Without Pity and Radio Free Jericho. Really, I think there needs to be a patch or a pill or something to break my addiction.

<blockquote>Jake and Stupid Ol’ Eric are still in the New Bern jail, and while Jake is once again trying to make Eric feel better, we see Maggie, the FauxMarine, being brought into jail. Jake makes a deal with Maggie to go find Hawkins and enlist his help in making a great escape. And Eric gets tortured again.

After an itchy trigger finger leads to a near riot out at the salt mine, Mayor Dad (Johnston) finds out from Russell that his boys are in New Bern, and they head out to get them back. Maggie goes to Ted’s hunting cabin with two of Constantino’s men to find Hawkins, who comes running out of the cabin all ready to shoot Maggie, after killing Constatino’s men (badass!). Maggie gets all squirrelly, yelling “Columbus, Columbus!”, which turns out to be the secret word that keeps Hawkins from shooting Maggie, too. They head out with Ted to steal some mortars to cause a diversion, leading us to my second favorite conversation of the episode, where Ted and Maggie talk about what they were doing five months ago, and Hawkins’ non-answer, which is awesome.

Mayor Dad tries to talk some sense into Constatino (good luck with that), and gets all badass himself on Constatino. On the way to see Eric and Jake, Mayor Dad offers Russell a place in Jericho, and in return Russell continues to prove he is way cooler that most of New Bern by telling him about a short cut out of town. Then Constantino proves once again what a jerkwad he is by changing the terms of seeing Eric and Jake and sends Mayor Dad on his way.

Stupid Ol’ Eric proves he’s not so stupid by getting beat up again but not giving up any information. The minions try to get info from the boys, this time by sitting them across the table from each other and threatening to slit Jake’s throat. Just before Jake receives yet another head wound (this one potentially fatal), Hawkins diversionary bomb goes off, sending Constantino and his minions running to see what’s up, and giving Mayor Dad an opportunity to grab his truck and high-tail it to the jail. Ted wusses out, leaving Hawkins to go running towards the jail all on his own, shooting snipers and guards one by one. As Eric and Jake are being escorted out of the jail, Hawkins shoots the guards and the boys get guns from the dead, and continue the shoot-out while diving for cover (Did I mention boys running while shooting guns is one of my very favorite TV and movie conventions? Well, it is, and I loved this scene). Mayor Dad drives up and rescues everyone, including Maggie, taking Russell’s bypass route out of town.

As everyone camo’s the truck and heads back to Jericho, Jake awesomely reminds Hawkins that they leave no ‘man’ behind, and gets really, really excited about Hawkins’ stash of “actual whiskey.” Heh. The last scene with all of them walking in the dark talking about the smell of the spring wheat and what is to come is beautiful and wonderfully fitting for what Jericho has become.

Also? Gail finally softens toward Mary in a sweet scene at Bailey’s, Skylar gets a lesson in kindness and compassioon, Dale continues to be kinda jerky, Dr. Kenchy gets a shout out, and there is not any Mimi, Stanley or Bonnie (BOO!). My favorite scene? Right at the beginning. Jake asks about Heather, which gives us all hope that she is not really dead. Because she just can’t be. Awesome.</blockquote>

Thanks, Erika, for a great recap! I hope you all enjoy it.

Reminder: Next week is two days in a row with Coalition of the Willing on Friday and Why We Fight, the incredible Season 1 finale, on Saturday.

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