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Jericho: Coalition of the Willing, recap No. 2


The penultimate episode, “Coalition of the Willing,” brings us a new guest blogger, Lisa Coultrup. She recently agreed to take part in the Great Jericho Blogging Experiment and has been a Jericho stalwart from the beginning. Here’s her info:

<b>Age:</b> in my 40s
<b>Where I live:</b> Southeastern Kentucky
<b>When I started watching Jericho:</b> From the moment the promotions began in September of 2006!
<b>My favorite character on the show and why:</b> Stanley Richmond, because to me he represents the best of our future, he works with what is at hand in a great emotional manner.
<b>What about Jericho makes it so special to me:</b> This type of story has always been of interest to me, but Jericho is special because it shows how sense of community is the key to success in a terrible situation.
<b>More about me:</b> I love Jericho, but I also love to write, make beaded jewelery, and work on genealogy.
<b>Me, on the Internet:</b> My own blog is JerichoOnCBS and I am a moderator at Nuts For Jericho, on Nutsonline.com.

And now, Lisa’s excellent recap of “Coalition of the Willing.” (Note to Yvonne: You have some competition, here!)

<blockquote><div>When we last saw the men and women of Jericho, there was a major defensive move against New Bern to rescue Eric. Hawkins, Jake and Johnston had a hard walk back to Jericho.
As the episode Coalition of Willing opens, we see Stanley, Jimmy and the other men waiting in the darkness. As they are talking, Stanley tells them to keep their eyes open, that Jake had said New Bern might coming soon. Jimmy says, maybe they’re already here, and we see a lone figure appear out of the darkness covering the road. It is a young man, who when called to by Stanley does not respond. He simply walks up to Stanley, who asks him again who he is.

Back in Gray’s office, Hawkins, Johnston and Jake are describing what transpired in New Bern while they were there to save Eric. They tell of the dead they left behind. As Johnston , Jake and Hawkins tell Gray was had happened, Stanley walks into the office, bringing the young man from the road with him. Gray asks who this person is, and in response to that question the young man hands Gray a two-way radio. Gray turns it on, and the voice of Phil Constantino crackles out into the silence of the office telling the young man, Henry, to come home.

Constantino tells Gray his terms as he is prepared to accept them, New Bern wants 7 farms — including the Richmond farm — and half the salt mine! He tells Gray he has four hours to respond, that Jericho is about to be invaded. Constantino tells Gray that for the sake of the people of Jericho he needs to cooperate. Gray still can’t digest how serious Phil Constantino is about this invasion.

This is outside of Gray’s comfort zone yet he can not see his own lack of knowledge will only hurt the people of Jericho.

Meanwhile, over at the Medical Center, we see Eric sitting there hurt. He notices the room, the room where his wife, April, died not so long ago along with their unborn child. He walks to the doorway of the room and begins to relive that day, when April slipped from this world and his sense of guilt and pain over her death is apparent. Gail walks up and brings him out of his reverie, telling him he has to get cleaned up.

At the Courthouse, we find Dale among those people talking over the issue of whose farm to give up. He and Skylar meet Mrs. Sherman coming out of the room, and Dale asks her if she is really going to give up her farm. She tells him she has no way to defend it. Dale asks her if he can defend the farm, can he have it? She tells Dale that since the bank owns half the farm anyway, that if he can defend it, it’s his. Skylar asks how he will defend the farm; he turns to a man and tells him to get all the refugees together for a meeting.

Back in the Medical Center, Mary comes in and see Eric being tended to by Gail. She is just happy to see he is alive. He sees Mary as well, and they come together, it is a moment of peace that two people who are in love are reunited.

Back with Dale , we find him talking to the refugee men, who quickly tell him that defending the farm simply for food is not their cup of tea. Dale reminds them that they have been complaining that they want an equal share and that if they help defend the farm, each will receive an equal share of the farm; he offers them a future. In answer, each signs a form Skylar holds.

With Constantino’s deadline nearly up, Gray is in major stress mode. Emily comes to the courthouse and greets Jake. Now the hard work comes, as Jake must tell Emily that her friend, Heather, is believed to be dead. Stanley enters Gray’s office to tell everyone that the Rangers have not seen anything so far while out on patrol.

Jake and Emily are speaking near the courthouse windows, and at the same time as Johnston is in the mayor’s office, a sound is heard by both of them. The sound is the whistling of mortars about to slam into the main square of Jericho! Jericho is under attack.

Jake and Emily hit the ground while those in the mayor’s office they do the same. The windows smash into thousands of shards around Jake and Emily; he asks Emily if she is hurt. She tells Jake she is good, and he goes out to the street, greeted with mayhem. Many people are walking around in a daze, hurt and confused as to what is happening. He first tries to help an injured man near a car, but then looks over to see his mother laying injured in the street. Jake rushes to her, calling her when another mortar rains down on them all. He covers her body with his own against the shower of debris.

Johnston and the others come running to help, and they find Gail hurt and unable to hear from the concussion of the mortar round, but not seriously injured. She is confused and asks what has happened, and Johnston tells her she will be OK. Everyone is in shock; is this really happening right in the middle of their beloved town?

As they are all standing there, Jimmy comes to Gray and tells him that Phil is on the radio again. Phil proceeds to tell Gray that he now only has one hour to give up the seven farms and the salt mine to New Bern. He tells Gray that he can and will keep the mortar rounds raining down on Jericho day and night, until Jericho surrenders.

It is now that Gray makes his biggest and most fatal mistake. He tells Stanley to get the Rangers and go looking for the location of where the mortars were coming from. Johnston tells him to send scouts first, but Gray has not let the severity of his town’s situation sink in yet and his reluctance to accept help from Johnston has clouded his judgment.

Back out in the street we see Hawkins helping many wounded people to safety. Darcy comes up to him, asking what is happening. He tells her that they need to get the children and leave Jericho, and she asks him where they would go. Hawkins tells her he knows of a safe house in Montana, and she questions this due to the roads being so unsafe to travel. He then starts yelling to everyone on the street to get underground. Darcy tells him she just wants to go home.

The Hawkins family is home together. They go down to the basement, and Sam goes to the door of his father’s secret room, but Darcy tells him to stop and not go in. Hawkins tells Darcy that the room is the safest in the house, made of reinforced concrete. Darcy tells Allison and Sam to get more things, leaving her and Rob alone. He takes her inside the room, puts his backpack down and tells her, ‘no more secrets.’

Gray receives a radio call from Stanley concerning the location of the trucks with the mortars, and asks what to do. Gray, against the heated advice of Eric and Johnston to wait and scout the location first, tells Stanley to go with the Rangers and take the truck! This will prove to be fatal mistake on Gray’s part.

As Darcy and Rob talk together in the basement room, Darcy asks him why he wants to be completely open now, and he tells her that he used to think he could protect them, but now sees that is not possible. They end up being the only people who are making something work in the whole event, they now understand how much their love and family means.

Back in the basement with Gray and the others, they sit wondering if Stanley was successful, and then the answer comes … explosions ring out twice.

There is no answer from Stanley on the radio.

Back out in the street, Gray runs with the others to find Stanley stumbling into the town square, hurt and alone. Jake reaches them first, and asks Stanley where the rest of the Rangers are. Stanley tells them what happened, that while they attempted to take the truck they were ambushed on both sides by New Bern men. He tells them the New Bern people kept shooting, until the Jericho Rangers were all dead. Jake and the others standing there are in shock! Jake’s first reaction is to turn and go after Gray for needlessly sending men to their deaths. Mimi, comforting Stanley, says the whole thing is insane.

Luckily, Johnston stops Jake and tells him to go to Bailey’s, where everyone who is NOT in Gray’s camp is discussing how to find the mortars’ locations. As they are discussing this, Emily comes in and tells Jake she is going with them and he simply hands her a gun with no argument. Johnston tells Jake to just scout — no heroics — just scout the location!

Eric, Jake, Hawkins and Emily head out of town on horseback, and as Jake and Emily are riding together, Eric rides up to tell them that Hawkins has spotted a truck coming from the direction of New Bern. Eric and Jake decide to try to take the truck, with Hawkins and Emily waiting with guns on the hill.

As the truck approaches, Jake and Eric ride up to the truck while Hawkins shoots at the front of the truck to slow it down. Jake gets his horse up to the driver’s side and tells the driver to stop, but as this happens, out of nowhere come men on dirt bikes and cars down the road! It is Jonah, Emily’s father.
Jonah tells his men to let Jake and everyone go and Emily tells him to help her and Jake to stop the men from New Bern. At first he refuses and tells Emily that she needs to get as far away from Jericho as possible. He also asks why he should help the people of Jericho, when the last time he saw them they tried to lynch him!

Back in town, Johnston goes to Dale and asks for his help in protecting the town, but Dale wants a promise from Johnston to get a farm in return. Johnston tells him this is not business, but a personal request.

Emily manages to make a deal for half of all they take if Jonah helps with New Bern, and Jonah agrees.

Meanwhile, the townspeople meet with Johnston about giving the farms up to stop Constantino. As they are all talking Emily, Jake, Hawkins and Jonah come into the bar. Johnston does not look pleased. Everyone goes over the maps that Jonah had showing the locations of the mortars from New Bern, and even though Johnston does not want Jonah’s help , he sees that this is too important to let any help get away and so Johnston accepts it. Johnston tells Jimmy to go stop Gray from giving the farms to Constantino any way he can.

Jimmy and the others go to the basement where Gray and his men, including Bill, are. Gray is despondent, the air is thick with dread. Bill is upset that Eric is there and yells at Jimmy for bringing him. Eric and Stanley tell Gray to not give the farms to Constantino, a fight between the two groups begins, and guns are drawn. Stanley tells Gray that he almost died for Jericho, that Gray owed it to him to hear him out.

Eric begins yelling to Gray that his father and Jake and Hawkins are out at the moment scouting for the mortars, and that they have guns and a truck. Gray wants to know where they got these things, and says this will only make Constantino mad. Eric tells Gray about Jonah and his men being on Jericho’s side in this, and asks Gray to just buy some time with Constantino somehow.

As Johnston and the others get ready to take the New Bern camp, Jake and Hawkins get into the back of the truck they stopped earlier. Johnston gets into the front passenger side. The driver tells Johnston how he recalls a fishing contest in New Bern where they both participated. Hawkins asks Jake if Jonah will have their backs, and Jake just smirks, but tells Hawkins that Emily is here, so it will be OK.

Back in the basement, Gray finally gets his brain into gear and does what Eric and the others have suggested to him. When Constantino radios back to him about the deal, Gray begins a sales pitch in order to stall Constantino. This stall works, for a bit. He only needs to buy enough time for Johnston and the others to get to the camp and take the truck with the mortars. This stall ends when Constantino says he knows what Gray is doing, and that Gray now has just 30 seconds to accept before more mortars are sent into the middle of Jericho.

Johnston and the others hiding in the truck finally get into the camp, and the driver stops. He is talking with one of the New Bern men, and he tells them he has meat for them. The New Bern men are happy to hear that and go to the back of the truck where Hawkins and Jake are waiting in ambush. When the men open the trucks back door, they get the surprise of their lives and are captured. But the driver gets his dose of courage (or fear) and jumps out of the truck yelling, “They’re here!”

This brings on a firefight between the two groups, with the band from Jericho terribly outnumbered. During this gunfight, Hawkins yells, “Where is Jonah?” as Johnston calls for a ceasefire. Just when all seemed lost, over the hill comes Jonah and his men and in a few short minutes the fight is over.

Jonah’s men slowly go over the dead, taking what can be useful to them. As Jonah walks toward the rest of the men from Jericho, he sees a man on the ground. It is the driver, who’s been shot. Jonah looks at him for a moment, and then quietly shoots the man, while Johnston yells “no!” in the background. Emily has been behind Jonah, and sees what he has done, she is clearly in pain as she realizes that her father is a cold-blooded killer.

Jonah simply walks to the trucks and tells his men to take them, as well as the guns and fuel. Emily and Jake yell that they had a deal, but Jonah tells Emily to stay away from him, the she was a teacher and he was a thief who would only hurt her. With that, Jonah and his men leave, as Jake asks Hawkins why he did not stop them from leaving with the guns and fuel?

Hawkins tells Jake that guns are easy, and takes Jake to his storage unit, which is filled with all types of weapons. Jake asks why Hawkins did not tell him about the guns he had stashed, and Hawkins tells him he never thought he would be making Jericho his home.

Gray and the others wait for word on how Jake and Johnston’s expedition went. Johnston comes in to tell Gray that the scouting party was successful, that they had found the mortars. At the same time, Constantino comes on the radio, and tells Gray that what was to come next was his fault, this was now war!

Finally, Gray realizes how he needs Johnston, the whole town does and so he asks Johnston for his help. Johnston and Gray shake hands, and then Johnston proceeds to tell Stanley and the others to go get everyone together.

<h4>The last scene</h4>

In the last scene of this episode, we see the entire town waiting together in the dark square. It is a somber place. Jake and Hawkins drive up with the truck load of weapons as Johnston get up to speak to the townspeople. I will do my best to say what he did, without mangling it, but I wanted to do this from memory and not copy:

<i>“Most of you have no idea what to do, or what is coming. Some of you do. This is not a fight for land, or a town. It is a fight for our very existence. Pray for each other, and while you’re at it, pray for the people of New Bern. Pray that God forgives us.</i>

He steps down with tears in his eyes, as the crowd of friends and family looks on. Jake steps up, and calls for all people who are able-bodied and over 16 who need a weapon to come forward and get in line.

We watch as each person, from Johnston to Allison (Hawkins’ daughter) each gets a gun. Intermixed with this scene, we see Stanley and a few other men dressed in dark clothes, moving slowly toward a New Bern encampment.

War has come to Jericho.</div></blockquote>

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