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The CW XOXO ‘Gossip Girl’


Well, folks, the CW is showing the love to our beloved Upper East Siders.

“Gossip Girl” is the first fall series to get a full season pick-up.


What does that mean exactly? That you’ll be seeing Serena, Blair, Nate, Dan, Chuck and Jenny until at least May.

Networks typically pick up only about a baker’s dozen of episodes for any new show, to test the waters of success without having to shell out the sheckles for an entire season.

“Gossip Girl” was set to shoot 13 episodes, but the CW went ahead and ordered the “back-nine” — making a full season total of 22 episodes.

Is “GG” doing that great in the ratings? Not exactly, given that viewership drops when “America’s Top Model” ends and “GG” begins.

But it’s doing great with teen girls and women — no big surprise — and gaining additional eyes through DVR viewings and platforms like iTunes. (The latest episodes of “GG” were actually among iTunes top 5 most downloaded shows.)

So if you’re a “GG” fan — keep watching! As for tonight’s episode, here’s a preview:

Even though Serena and Blair seemed to mend fences last week, they’re back to their old bitchfest ways again.

Blair’s happy when her designer mother chooses her to model her new clothing line. But then Serena steals her spotlight once again.

Blair sad. And angry. What’s a girl to do?

I’m not exactly sure, but perhaps this hairstyle has something to do with it?

Does Blair attack Serena with a pair of hedge clippers? Did Blair sick Edward Scissorhands on her former BFF?

We’ll find out tonight, but whatever happens, I’m somewhat disturbed by Serena’s resemblance to Carrie Underwood. If she starts singing “So Small,” I’m really going to be freaked out…

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

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