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Sure would have been fun to make The Office Convention in Scranton this weekend


I’m really bummed about missing The Office Convention in Scranton, Pa., this weekend.


It was close enough to home to justify a day trip yesterday, but the rain was falling too hard to justify dragging the Mrs. and the wee one out on an interstate pursuit of some Dunder-Mifflin fun. Of course, the storm clouds cleared by 3 in the afternoon — too late to hit the road — and today it’s sunny and brisk, a perfect day. And I’m working.

So I’m left to do what the other 9 million or so Office fans who tune in each week but couldn’t make it to Scranton are doing. I’m living vicariously through the photos, audio, video and commentary popping up on the interwebs from those who made it.

convention2.jpgYour first stop, as with all things Office, should be OfficeTally.com. Tanster blogs from Casino Night, the Ribbon Cutting and Saturday Night. Plus, she’s employing something called Utterz.com to keep the faithful up on what’s happening. And the latest dispatch from the scene features photos from Tallyhead Alison.

convention3.jpgOver at the That’s What She Said podcast blog, Matt has posted the full audio from the cast Q&A. That’s the gathering of all 15 or so cast and crew members in town for the weekend. You know, the one I was looking forward to attending last night. The one I missed. Because of the rain. Anyway, I haven’t given it a listen yet, so I’ll just post the link rather than the actual audio. It’s reportedly a good quality recording and an awesomely long 85 minutes or so. Matt’s also got convention updates here and here.


A poster who goes by the screen name “Phyllis Vance” over at the Watercooler forums at NorthernAttack.com made a day trip of it yesterday with some friends and has since posted a bazillion photos. I’ll let her tell the story:

“At almost the last minute two of my friends and I decided to make the Office convention a day trip. convention6.jpgAt first it seemed like it all wasn’t worth 25 dollars and getting up at 6 in the morning just to stand around in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the rain and wet socks, but we ended up being extremely lucky and meeting Phyllis (Phyllis Smith), Bobby Ray (Bob Vance), Melora (Jan Levenson) and Mindy (Kelly Kapoor), who are the nicest celebrities you could ever hope to meet, standing in the front row of a Scrantones concert with guest appearances from Creed (Bratton), Craig (Robinson, aka Darryl) and Kate (Flannery, aka Meredith) and attending the dawesome cast Q&A. I was so excited that I went slightly crazed at took more photos than any sane person would. So enjoy my awfully long photo collection.”

convention4.jpgOf course, NBC.com is covering the event as well. There are two blog posts from before the event (I know, huh?) as well as photos that look like they were taken beforehand also and video.

OK, back to work. If you want more, click here for a bazillion reports from folks who, unlike me, are there.

Photos: A fan with an oversized Dwight Schrute head is seen as cast member Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl Philbin, signs autographs at the University of Scranton Friday. Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin, records fans at the university Friday. Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone, poses for a cell-phone photograph with a fan at the university; Robinson signs an autographs on the cap of a university fan. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke). Leslie David Baker, Stanley, clutches a crossword puzzle book given to him by a fan Saturday while Phyllis Smith, who plays Phyllis Vance, follows. (AP Photo/Steve Klaver)

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