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Margie & Edna have a message for CBS


Edna and Margie, I sort of feel, were born in this blog.

To be sure, they truly were born in the fertile imaginations of Beth and Jane, two of the most prolific Jericho bloggers and diggers and multiple guest bloggers during this summer’s Great Jericho Blogging Experiment.

Beth and Jane first wrote an Edna and Margie post for the recap of the “Casus Belli” (Cause for War) episode from Season 1.

I invited the ladies back for the finale, to explain “Why We Fight.”

Since then, they’ve kinda become rock stars throughout the Jericho community, and Rubber Poultry Beth (sorry, Beth!) created the wonderful illustration of them above.

Anyhow, since Jericho‘s been jerked around all over the place since being brought back for a second season, Margie and Edna are back to talk about loyalty and neighborliness.


<blockquote><div>Margie and Edna grew up in a Jericho that meant neighbor helping neighbor, respecting one’s elders, and saying what you meant. A handshake sealed a deal and a man’s word could be trusted.

Then the day arrived when they learned that promises are often broken, not all offers of help are sincere, and the word “official” does not necessarily mean “trustworthy.”

Jericho had changed.


Margie: I remember in the old days, Edna, when neighbors helped neighbors around here. They still do as best they can but what makes me mad is when outsiders come into town and say they’ve come to help us then don’t. Remember when those Marines came through and said they’d help us rebuild Jericho?

Edna: That’s right, they did say that they’d help us rebuild the town–give us supplies, too. I wonder whatever happened? We’ve been waiting a good long while for them to follow through on that promise.

And of course I remember the Marines, Margie. It’s kind of hard to forget a great big tank rolling through downtown. What do you take me for, some kind of idiot?

Margie: Yes, I do think you’re an idiot, but back to those Marines. They said they’d assist us with our survival needs. Somehow I think they’d like nothing better than to cancel all of us.

Edna: “Cancel”? What are you talking about, you old windbag? Do you mean that you think they’d just like us to go away, so they don’t have to worry about following through on helping us? They don’t know the citizens of Jericho very well if they think that. I wonder if I need to polish up my sword….

Margie: Cancel, Edna. Like punch our tickets. Blow Jericho off the map and hush up all of us who love our town. No, they don’t know us very well because we will keep fighting for Jericho as long as it takes.

I’m going to get my pistol.

Edna: Wait a minute, Margie. Before we go charging off with our weapons drawn, shouldn’t we give them the benefit of the doubt that they might eventually follow through? Why would an official group like that say something that they didn’t mean?


Just then, the ladies heard a knock at the door. Since they’d been interrupted while gathering their gun and sword, they opened the door with weapons in-hand, managing to startle their old postman.

He’d always been sweet on Edna, and the ladies invited him in for a cup of Margie’s “special tea.� While sitting a spell with the sisters, he gives them the news that the Marines were actually imposters who never actually intended to help the townspeople of Jericho. Rather, they swept through town with thoughts only to what they could gain from them, rather than what they could help them with.

Margie and Edna realized that it was very telling that they never heard from the Marines again after their last message of hope and help.


Edna: Well don’t that beat all, Margie! Those Marines were fake all along! How could we have trusted them?

Margie: I’m mad, Edna. Those Marines went through Jericho like corn through a goose. Now, I’m trying to remember. What exactly did they promise us?

Edna: Well, they promised to help us restore utilities to the town, which we ended up doing ourselves with the wind turbines. They also promised to help us with supplies, which they never followed through on. We should have known something was up when we never heard from them again.

Margie: That’s the truth. I never did believe they’d do everything they said anyway. Still, I feel let down and abandoned. We just want Jericho back the way it used to be.

Edna: I know we do, Margie. I think that there’s a lot we can do to try and bring the town back ourselves, we are pretty resourceful after all. But I think we need a lot of official help, and that just doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon, does it?

Margie: Well, Edna, maybe it’s the cost involved with helping or maybe they’re holding back on anything official until later. I just know that most of us are tired and a little boost is all we need.


Just like Margie and Edna and their experience with the “Marines,” many Jericho fans have been feeling let down by what seems to be a lack of communication from CBS regarding the promotion of Jericho.

Back in June, Nina Tassler tasked Jericho fans with gathering new viewers, emphasizing the importance of getting these viewers to watch the 7 new episodes when they air. However, the fans weren’t given any guidance about how to get these new viewers, just that it was important that they get them.

With little official communication from CBS since that time, many fans are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by the job CBS has given them. As many have commented on the message boards and on blogs, it’s difficult to promote when you don’t have anything concrete to promote.

When will the new episodes air? At what time and on what day do fans tell new viewers to watch? While it’s generally understood that CBS may not yet have decided on a concrete airdate for the Season 2 premiere, it’s hard not to be frustrated with the holding pattern we find ourselves in.

CBS, please realize that when you place the burden of promotion on the fans, without concrete assistance or official communication, the fans are left wondering about your motives. Are we to simply be patient, and trust that you will do your part with promotion when you deem the time is right?

Many of us want to trust you, we really do. A few official words from you would go a long way towards helping us fans to realize that you are behind the show, and weren’t merely appeasing us by producing the seven new episodes.

We fans have done, and continue to do, our parts. We sincerely want Jericho to do well when the new shows air.

But CBS, do you?


Edna: I don’t know Margie, even if we couldn’t count on the Marines, or on anyone else for that matter, we can always count on each other. (under her breath: You old hussy.)

Margie: (looking into the sky) Sure we can, Edna. Lord, have you ever seen a Fool? Look at my sister. Oh, and look at those Idiots who claimed to be partners with Jericho to help us rebuild. I’ll just work around them and my pitiful sister.</div></blockquote>

Amen, sisters.

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