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‘Lost”s Oceanic Airlines back in the air


On a regular day, “Lost” makes my head hurt.


There are so many questions to be answered: Who are the people NOT on Penny’s boat? Who was in that coffin? Who or what exactly is Jacob? Where did Walt and Michael go? Is Ben a good guy or a bad guy?

You get the picture.

But to give me even more aches and pains, ABC recently issued a press release announcing that Oceanic Airlines – the owner of the doomed Flight 815, the aircraft that carried our castaways — would resume operations on Jan. 31.

Gee, which just so happens to be the same date as the season premiere of “Lost.” And the nine markets that Oceanic are now targeting include: Ames, Iowa; Portland, Ore.; NYC; Seoul, Korea; and Sydney, Australia. All are important in the lives of prominent island dwellers like Kate, Juliet, Michael, Sun and Jin.

Hmm. So what happens when you go to Oceanic’s new website?

You’ll see generic happy employees talking about how the company is proud to be once again “Taking You Places You Never Imagined.”

But wait: The promo is interrupted by a video of an Australian guy who was the partner of one of Flight 815’s flight attendants, Sonya (who we’ve not seen on the show).


He’s hacked into the website because he’s upset because Oceanic is about to end its search for the plane and declare all of the passengers aboard legally dead. He wants answers. (Uh, who doesn’t?)

Confused yet? You should be. Didn’t both Locke’s dad and Naomi say that the plane had been found off the coast of Bali, and robot cameras confirmed that the bodies were all inside?

Then across the video came flashes of yet another website, Find815.com.

Sigh. So, of course, I had to go to that site, too.

Turns out that it’s another alternate reality game that will last until the show launches at the end of the month. It revolves around the Oceanic website hacker, a former airline employee (in the IT department, naturally) named Sam Thomas, and his search for Flight 815.

The first installment gives a clue in a mysterious email sent to Sam with a doctored photo of his girlfriend: The picture includes the hidden words, “Sunda Trench,” “Christiane I,” “Black Rock,” and “Tell no one, grave consequences.”

Want to find out more, even if it has nada to do with the main program? Keep checking back at the Find815 site and continue to play.

As for me, the TV show alone gives me enough info to sufficiently overload my brain.

As much as I love “Lost,” I don’t need any more headaches: Thanks anyway, ABC.

(But if you’re a Find815 player and think you’ve discovered any clues that may shed light on the show’s upcoming season, feel free to post your theories here!)

(Photos courtesy of ABC and Lostpedia.com)

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