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The BSG gospel according to Moore


It’s taken me a few days to get around to posting on the Battlestar Galactica-themed reenactment of the Last Supper featured in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. I had to absorb everything Moore had to say and think about what it all meant.

Yes, because I’m just that much of a geek. Sue me.

So I’ve finally scanned in the photo and jotted down my thoughts, plus some of what Moore had to say about it all. It’s semi-spoilery, but it’s all based exactly on what Moore had to say. And I can pretty safely say the man’s not going to give away anything he doesn’t want to (despite what he says about #10 below).

So I present you with my take on the photo illustration, numbered according to how the characters were numbered in the magazine.

First off, here are larger versions of the photo, the left side and the right side. Here’s the whole thing:



Oh, and at the very end, the updated details on exactly what is on the Season 3 DVD. All this after the break.

1. President Roslin. She’s burning something. Moore says that relates to a midseason plot. But does that mean the middle of Season 4 or the middle of the strike-shortened season?

2. “Natalie” — Moore says she’s yet another version of Number Six who “assumes a leadership position” for Cylons with a “separate agenda” from the rest of the Cylons. Number Six, I believe, is the most emotionally and intellectually complex of all the original (to us, not the Cylons) seven Cylon models. D’Anna Biers runs a close second — her continual suicides and resurrections that enabled her to see the Final Five certainly differentiated her from many Cylons.

3. Col. Saul Tigh basically is going to ignore the fact that he is a Cylon. Moore said, “You might literally take the composition in terms of Tigh turning a blind eye.” That’s how I translate his words, anyhow.

4. Apollo/Lee Adama. I cannot frakkin’ believe he has hung up his flight suit. Didn’t he grab his at the end of last season when the Cylons attacked? I thought for sure that he’d go back to being a pilot and warrior. How much has he drifted from his father? Take note that he’s not looking at anyone, least of all his dad.

5. Gaius Baltar and Number Six. Some blogs have called her Caprica Six, but she’s not the true Caprica Six. The true CS is the one who hallucinated Baltar while he hallucinated her. This Number Six is the one who’s in Baltar’s mind (or is she? That question has never been resolved). They are at the center of the photo, Moore explains, because this Number Six claims to be spreading the word of the “one true god.” This Six is Baltar’s Six.

6. Starbuck and Anders. If you’ve seen the previews, you know that at some point, Starbuck is on the floor in the brig, screaming, “We’re going the wrong way!” Is Anders the only one who accepts Starbuck? Does he believe her? Does he believe that maybe she’s a Cylon, too?

7. The Chief. He’s in a huge quandry over the discovery that he’s a Cylon. Moore says the viewer should regard the knife in his hand in the context of his child with Callie being, possibly, the second human-Cylon hybrid. Shudder. That’s verrry creepy.

8. Athena and Helo. They’re looking at someone at the other end of the table. Moore wouldn’t say who. Is it Natalie? Is it Roslin because of whatever she’s burning? Is it Tigh? Is it Apollo, who won’t make eye contact with anyone? Is it the Chief? Do they fear for Hera’s life, believing that Tyrol could kill his own child and Hera, too? Is it the final Cylon? (That cup between Tigh and Apollo — I’m getting to that, no worries.) Moore said whoever they’re looking at is “definitely reacting.”

9. Admiral Adama. Though he’s as far away from Roslin as he could possibly be in this photo, Moore, comments, “they’re also turned toward each other.”

10. The final Cylon. This is that empty cup between Tigh and Apollo. But that’s not the really interesting part. Moore fessed up that no one in the photo is the final Cylon. So Starbuck’s not a Cylon. Adama’s not a Cylon. Lee’s not a Cylon. Roslin’s not a Cylon. Neither is Helo. So who is? My guess is Dualla, Lee’s wife. Am I right? I have no frakkin’ clue. But that’s my guess. How perfect would it be if both Apollo’s and Starbuck’s spouses are Cylons? Despite all their problems, Kara and Lee are really meant for one another. Or what about Adama’s former wife? Or what about Zack, Apollo’s baby (dead) brother? But I’m going to stand by my guess of Dualla.

We’ll see. It may be another year before we get a resolution, but we will get a resolution. Frakkin’ A, I want the entire season NOW.

Meanwhile, I snagged the in-depth details of the Season 3 DVD from a press release the other day:

The entire package is in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, in an anamorphic 1.78:1 aspect ratio, on six discs. It’ll cost $59.98. The release date is March 25.

Disc 1
— DELETED SCENES from episodes Occupation, Precipice, Exodus
— Ronald Moore’s Podcast Commentaries
Disc 2
— DELETED SCENES from episodes Collaborators, Torn, A Measure of Salvation
— Battlestar Galactica — The Resistance Webisodes
— David Eick’s Video Blogs for episodes Testimonials, Who Dies, Prosthetics, Lucy and David, and Introducing Bulldog
— Ronald Moore — Podcast Commentaries for episodes Collaborators, Torn, A Measure of Salvation
Disc 3
— DELETED SCENES from episode Hero
— HERO — Commentary with Executive Producer David Eick
— David Eick Video Blogs for episodes Characters, Adama on Adama, On the Road, Episode 6 Read Through, Steve McNutt Gets a Video Blog, The Soldier’s Code: Leave No Man Behind
— Ronald Moore’s Podcast Commentaries for episodes Hero, Unfinished Business with Grace Park and Tahmoh Penikett
Disc 4
— DELETED SCENES from episodes The Passage, The Eye of Jupiter, Rapture and Taking a Break from All Your Worries
— Ronald Moore’s Podcast Commentaries for The Passage, The Eye of Jupiter, Rapture, Taking a Break from all Your Worries
Disc 5
— DELETED SCENES from episodes The Woman King, A Day in the Life, Dirty Hands and Maelstrom
— Ronald Moore’s Podcast Commentaries for The Woman King, A Day in the Life, Dirty Hands, Maelstrom
Disc 6
— DELETED SCENES from episodes The Son Also Rises, Crossroads Parts 1 and 2
— Ronald Moore’s Podcast — The Son Also Rises (with actor Mark Shappard and writer Michael Angeli), Crossroads Parts 1 and 2
— David Eick’s Video Blogs for episodes Takin’ A Break From All Your Worries, On The Road: Part 2, Some Guy Named Colin, Building a Better Show, Katee’s Scrapbook, Shooting</div></blockquote>

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