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Heavy Metal – Terminator’s return could bring 90210 sighting tonight


cameron.jpgIf you’re a fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, then you know there’s a new episode on tonight.

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, then you not only know it but you’ve had the fact beaten over your head by animated terminators and killer robot football players between every snap. Ah Fox, you do self-promotion like Chuck Norris does toothy grins. Anyway, I was pumped for tonight’s TSCC return regardless after last week’s re-airing of the pilot.

Here’s the episode summary for “Heavy Metal”:

John becomes separated from his mother and Cameron while the trio search for stolen cargo. Amid the chaos, he discovers the future may be bleaker than he imagined. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison’s murder investigation turns up a new lead.

cromartie.jpgBleaker than nuclear war? And if an army of killer robots is subverting the space-time continuum to come after you, wouldn’t you stick close to the one killer robot sworn to protect you?

The Ellison part has me intrigued. That whole storyline is what grounds this show, a well-written character with plain, if conflicted motivations. Too much time travel, advanced technology and philosophical conundrum — is technology inherently bad? — can weigh heavily on a show.

Beverly Hills 9021o fans, if any remain, should get their chance to check out what Brian Austin Green is doing these days. He told BuddyTV back before the premier that his character would show up in the fourth episode. We’ll see whether that’s true. We won’t know until he shows up what kind of character he’ll play. It’s hard to imagine dorky David Silver playing a terminator. Harder to see him as a resistance fighter, though.

brian-austin-green.jpgThe last time I saw him, he was in 2005 playing himself alongside fellow 90210er Ian Ziering in Kiera Knightley’s Domino.

Matt Roush at TVGuide.com addressed the issue of Sarah’s terminal cancer, which killed her in the T3 movie and which hangs like a dark cloud over the series.

Is the idea to give producers an out if the show starts to falter? Roush doesn’t think so. Instead, he says, the intent is likely to intensify the life-or-death stakes of the show. And if it provides and endgame for the show, that’s a good thing for a show like this. I’m inclined to agree.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of director Joss Whedon’s Firefly series and the Serenity movie, you’ll like to hear that Summer Glau, who plays terminator Cameron, didn’t dismiss the idea of resurrecting the cult favorite in some form, saying the story is “never over”.

“We all had such a strong bond, and that was my first experience,” Glau tells syfyportal.com. “I didn’t even know how to stand on my mark. I blocked the camera all the time, I ran into people, and they still treated me like an equal and as part of the family. I think we would all come back if we got the opportunity.”

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