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Jericho Reconstruction: Margie & Edna’s take


Despite the fact that Edna & Margie were nowhere to be seen in Tuesday’s season premiere, “Reconstruction,” Remote Access has stumbled upon a transcript of a conversation between the two ladies right about at that time…

Listen in:

It’s been four weeks since the end of the New Bern/Jericho hostilities, and there have been many changes in the small town of Jericho, KS. The electricity has been restored in much of the town, thanks to the presence of the military from the new Cheyenne government, who also broke up the border skirmish between the two communities. Jennings & Rall, a private company contracted by the Cheyenne government to help with reconstruction of the town, has become a major presence on the streets of Jericho. And Margie and Edna, the eyes and ears of Jericho, are just sitting down to their first proper, home-cooked meal in months.

Margie: Edna, is this roast beef or shoe leather?

Edna: Margie, since you’re the one who cooked it, I figure you should know. It’s so nice to have a hot, home-cooked meal again, this could be roast moose and I’d still eat it.

Margie: I’m so happy to have our power back even if it does mean I have to see you.

Edna: Margie, never mind that now, you can insult me later. I’ve got some good gossip — er, information that I picked up in town. You’ll never believe it.

Margie: What is it Edna? Spit it out.

Edna: If I didn’t have absolutely perfect vision, I’d never have believed my own eyes, but I declare. … I saw little Heather Lisinski walk into City Hall today! My laws Margie, I do believe she’s come back from the dead!

Margie: You’re lying. She’s dead. You saw a ghost, Edna.

Edna: Margie, you watch that sacrilegious talk. She is alive! Don’t you think I followed her inside? I saw Jake Green hug her — he wouldn’t hug a ghost, you numbskull.

Margie: Lawsie mercy, Edna, he is supposed to be with Emily. That boy gets around. Like you.

Edna: Margie, what did I say about insulting me? Save it for later, there’s more. I also followed her into Bailey’s, where she had a cozy lunch with that handsome Major Beck. Mercy, I’d like to get around with HIM.

Margie: Well, guess what I saw before that?

Edna: What? And it had better be good, Margie.

Margie: Jake and Emily canoodling in the middle of the street!!

Edna: NO! For goodness’ sake, these young people today have no morals. Now that Jake’s the sheriff, you’d think he’d have better sense than to act like that in broad daylight where everyone can see. They’d better start enforcing the decency laws around here, and right quick, or respectable people won’t be going into town any more.

Margie: Well, I walked right up and broke it up and do you know they had no shame?

Edna: I’m not at all surprised. Oh, but Margie, if you were in town, that also means that you must have seen that sweet Trish. You know, the little gal with Jennings & Rall, the one who came and had supper with us not too long ago?

Margie: I did see her and I invited her back again for dinner. She was on her way to Richmond Farm.

Edna: Oh mercy, I heard all about what happened after she went out there. Didn’t you see that Mimi all loaded for bear in town later? She lit into Trish like nobody’s business.

Margie: I heard. She’s not going to let anybody hurt Stanley. Did you know he proposed?

Edna: Wait, I heard that she proposed to him. Margie, I think you must be mistaken. Once again.

Margie: Edna, you don’t know everything! All I know is I’m invited to the wedding. Stanley said I mean a lot to him!

Edna: Margie, you must be the “something old” they need for good luck. Speaking of old … I have to ask you a delicate question, Margie. Have you misplaced your pistol again? I don’t see it on the mantle where it normally is.

Margie: Edna, never you mind my pistol! Maybe I loaned it out.

Edna: Margie! You’d loan out your pistol? The one that helped to keep this whole town safe from that evil Constantino? What were you thinking? It’s a good thing I still have my sword. My gosh Margie, those were some explosions during the battle, weren’t they? I think I singed my eyebrows. … Goodness, I got distracted, who did you say you loaned your gun to?

Margie: Darcy said she might need it. Said she might need to shoot a rat. I told her to shoot you then. Oh Lordie, Edna, what if she means to shoot Constantino??

Edna: Margie, you know as well as I do that if anyone’s going to shoot that man, it will be Jake Green, especially since Major Beck pardoned him and sent him back to New Bern. You know how Jake loved his daddy, he’s having a hard time with all this, poor thing. But I guess it’s okay if you loaned your gun to that sweet Darcy. I can’t see her using it, though, she doesn’t seem like she would hurt a fly. I wonder why she needed it?

Margie: Edna, can you keep a secret?

Edna: Margie, I can keep many secrets, unlike some people I know. So spill.

Margie: Some strange man followed Darcy home from work.

Edna: Oh my lands, he never did! Is she okay? My goodness, I thought lawlessness in Jericho was a thing of the past, now that the military is here to keep order.

Margie: I don’t know. I told her to tell Mr. Hawkins to feel free to lock that man in my basement!

Edna: Margie, I don’t think we should be storing anything else in the basement right now, if you know what I mean.

Margie: That is not your business! Besides, Eric almost got killed too.

Edna: What? Well, what good are these military men in town anyway if there’s going to be innocent people being followed and almost killed? Margie, do you think we can trust them?

Margie: I don’t know about that, Edna. We’ve seen some odd people here. I do believe I should snoop around Major Beck though.

Edna: Oh no you don’t, Margie! If anyone is going to be snooping around that handsome man, it will be me. Besides, he seems like a nice enough gentleman, even if he is a little stern. You just stick to following Emily and Jake around.

Margie: Edna, would you like cake?

Edna: Margie, you know that I love nothing more than a good piece of cake. But did you bake one?

Margie: I did and I also taught Emily how to bake one. She went home to bake a cake for Gail tonight.

Edna: Oh my stars and garters, she’ll surely set the house on fire! I’d better warn Gail.

Margie: You know poor Gail is still in mourning. Emily wanted to make her feel better.

Edna: Well, I guess her heart is in the right place, even if she can’t bake a cake any better than you can keep a secret. Speaking of secrets Margie, I’ve saved the best one for last.

Margie: If you want this cake, Edna, spill the gravy.

Edna: Well, I’m not sure that this secret is worth trading for YOUR cake, but I just can’t hold it in any more. Guess who’s coming to Jericho soon?

Margie: Edna, I don’t know. Another beau?

Edna: Margie, is there any man that you wouldn’t consider as a beau?

Margie: You love them all, Edna, but they don’t love you.

Edna: Oh hush up, do you want to hear this or not?

Margie: Go on. You take all day.

Edna: Well, I have it on good authority that the President is coming here to Jericho, all the way from Cheyenne! Can you believe it? But keep this to yourself, only you, Major Beck and me know about this.

Margie: Big mouth! If he’s not a Democrat, I won’t go see him.

Edna: Margie, I hope he’s a Republican so you’ll stay far away when he comes to visit. I think we should invite him to dinner when he gets to Jericho. Then maybe he can tell us more about what’s going on outside of town. I’m worried about what we’ve been hearing on television.

Margie: Well, I just don’t think that’s a good idea because I think you knew his granddaddy.

Edna: Margie, you old fool, what are you talking about NOW?

Margie: I’m not saying, but you just watch your step around that man.

Edna: Margie, I think that as usual you’ve got your information all mixed up, but I guess I’ll trust you. I’d be watching my step around him anyway; I’m not sure what to think about this new government. If we have him to dinner, maybe we can get a better handle on this. My goodness Margie, I’m worried that the reconstruction of Jericho might not turn out to be such a good thing after all.

Margie: Me too and I don’t like that new flag. I don’t like this one little bit!

Edna: I’m glad you mentioned the new flag. Seeing it get run up that flagpole gave me goose bumps, and not the good kind. Margie, we’d better watch our step. Maybe you should get your pistol back from Darcy.

Margie: I’ll go right now then I’m going to Bailey’s. Your turn to clean up.

Edna: Margie, don’t you dare leave me with all these dishes, your cake wasn’t that good! If you help me clean, I’ll buy you some gin when we get to Bailey’s. Do we have a deal, dear sister?

Margie: How much gin?

Edna: As much as you can drink and still walk home. You know Mary Bailey’s got the store-bought gin now that the military’s in town.

Margie: Okay, sister, deal.

Thanks, as usual, to Beth & Jane for their wonderful work on this post.Â

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