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Jericho: “Sedition” live thoughts


OK, here’s my immediate thoughts on tonight’s episode.

First, who else noticed that at the end of the “coming next week” promo, it called it the “SEASON FINALE”??? Are they trying to tell us the good news that way or are they just trying to keep us guessing?


OK, so, this is what I have to say about “Sedition”:

• Robert Moore, eh? Nice J&R ID, Hawkins. So what other major corporations do you have fake IDs for?

• Go Jimmy!!! Love how he apologized to the soldier he held a gun on. That is so Jimmy. Love this guy!

• So, a ransom note for gas and ammo? Nice touch.

• Beck’s pretty hardcore, keeping Jake awake for days in a bright, sunburn-worthy light. But Jake’s even more hardcore. Wow. Pretty intense, spitting on the letter he’s asked to sign. Jake ain’t no pretty boy.

• Don’t worry, Darcy. Robert will come back to you. He definitely will. He won’t leave you again.

• Heather’s awesome. She actually made Beck wonder about what he was doing. Too awesome.

• Grampa Green!!! Nice to see you again, gramps. I can’t imagine how formidable a team gramps, Johnston and Jake could have made together.

• Ah, the second American Revolution is upon us. And Bonnie Richmond’s murder was the Stamp Act.

• Harshest line of the series so far. Jake to Beck: “You’re just middle management.”

• When Gail went to Jake, I really wasn’t sure if Gail was really even there. It’s so awesome to see her again. I wish we’d had more of her. I worried at first when she told Jake to give up Stanley. Then she whispered in his ear. That’s the Gail Green we know and love.

• Was it me, or when Gail started spouting off all the directions where she went, was everyone else awestruck? No wonder Jake’s so awesome. His parents were awesome and awesomer. I miss Johnston.

• Bill and Jimmy are pretty great, too. “Hog farm” in unison. Love them.

• At first, I wondered if the rescue of Jake seemed too easy. But then I realized that Beck was distracted by trying to capture Hawkins.

• But do you really want to shoot at a car that has a nuke on board? I guess.

• I couldn’t believe that John Smith burned Hawkins. Blew me away. So to speak.

• Beck is really wondering if he’s done the right thing. That’s some pretty solid glass…

• John Smith is a complete psychopath. I guess, maybe, somewhere, deeeeeeeeep down, he’s coming from the right place. But he’s totally messed up and now he wants to attack Cheyenne with the final nuke?

• C’mon, even all the Jeather fans have got to admit that Emily’s pretty handy with a gun. She is pretty badass when she protects those she loves.

• Being a resident (and native) of the NYC metro area, the most chilling line of the series: “The man behind the September attacks is out there.”

• How awesome is it to see Jake & Hawkins shake hands like that?

REMEMBER: It said SEASON finale….

Here’s a little linkage, too:

1) Vote for Jericho here. And here’s a bonus: you don’t even need to recache to vote again. Just hit “Return to previous page” and you can vote again. The vote has no validity, but it sure made me feel better to vote a dozen times or so for Jericho.

2) CBS, MediaPost Publications reports, wants to combine TV and Internet ratings. Well, at least Patrick Keane, CBS Interactive’s VP and chief marketing officer, wants them combined. The ratings would be more accurate, he said, using Jericho as an example. The online audience for Jericho, he said, would boost the show almost a full ratings point.

Photo courtesy of CBS.

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