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Jericho: “Sedition” aftermath


I’m trying to confirm the “Season” vs “Series” finale issue. We all know they printed “Season” on the screen. I’m just hoping (frankly, for CBS’ sake as much as my own) that it wasn’t a mistake, because CBS is gonna be in a whole heap of trouble with the fans if they come out with, “Ooops! Sorry! We meant to put the teaser that said ‘Series finale,’ but Oscar in the mailroom misplaced the memo.”

The radio silence is deafening, though. It would be cool if that’s how they decided to announce the decision, but then follow it up with an “official” announcement on the boards or the site or something.


That’s all I’m going to say on that issue, though, because we can all drive ourselves crazy over Jericho‘s future, or we can discuss the present. Right here, right now, I choose the latter.

Seeing as I covered a lot of bases during last night’s live thoughts, I’m going to focus on something that might not be the most popular topic right now: Maj. Beck.

I still have faith in the major. That doesn’t mean that I’m not ticked off at him, but he is in a tough spot.

Let’s look at things from his perspective for a moment. Bear with me.

From the very start, Beck declared there would be no revenge killings on his watch. No revenge killings. At all. Remember way back when he went to stop the Rangers from going to New Bern to kill Constantino? When he killed the New Bernians coming to Jericho to kill whoever they were looking for?

As much as Goetz deserved to die, Beck had a point. How are you a nation of laws (even if your government is lawless, which he is only just starting to recognize) when you allow someone to be executed for murder without any sort of public hearing?

Among the things that made the United States so remarkable at its start was the right to a trial by jury and the idea that you were innocent until proven guilty. They are the cornerstones of the American justice system. Sometimes they get in the way of punishing the truly guilty, but more often they ensure the innocent are not wrongly penalized.

The problem here, of course, is that we, the viewer, has more information to go on than Beck. We know J&R is running the government. We know that J&R was behind the attacks. We know that J&R is a lawless corporation that basically has performed a coup d’etat.

Beck is a soldier’s soldier. He helps those he can; bends the rules a teensy bit when appropriate, uses his own judgment in cases where he can be expected to. But he’s a soldier. He has his orders. And he’s an officer. He gives orders and expects that they’ll be followed.

Where I stopped understanding Beck was when he started torturing Jake.

Sure, he didn’t beat Jake up. No, he didn’t waterboard him. Or (24, Erika?) drill through his shoulder or shoot him in the knee. But he did keep him awake for days on end with a super-bright light shining in his face the entire time. He did hold the entire town hostage to try to force Jake to give up his friends.

Though, again, you have to give Beck credit for only wanting the person who actually committed the crime.

I KNOW! It was Stanley. I’m not saying anything bad about Stanley! I’m just saying, I have to have a grudging respect for a man who (initially, at least) only wants to punish the person truly responsible for the crime he has vowed to prosecute.

The whole problem with this, of course, is that J&R/Ravenwood has, of course, shown itself to be unwilling and uninterested in giving those it has arrested a fair trial. So the idea that Beck won’t allow Goetz to be killed without a fair hearing is sort of a red herring.

But, again, I don’t blame Beck for that. And between Hawkins and Jake, I think he’s beginning to realize there’s far more going on than he ever thought possible. When he first donned a uniform for his country, it said “U.S. Army.” Now, it says “A.S. Army.” He has to decide who his allegiance is to  –  the true United States, which, for the moment, does not even exist any longer, or the new Allied States of Jennings & Rall.

Will Beck choose the right side?

Somehow, I think he will.

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