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Blackjack Fairgrounds: The seventh Jericho blog carnival


Rubber Poultry’s done it again. Take a look at the poster he created for a Jericho movie:


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<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://blogcarnival.com/bc/logolink_18016.js”></script>
</div>MaryAnn Johanson tells us why this was the start of the next American Revolution and how the show was about about the best of what makes America America, in ‘Jericho’ blogging: “Patriots & Tyrants” posted at FlickFilosopher.com.

Len Neighbors shares his usual wry recapping of the finale, emphasizing his belief that “a company this predictable and incompetent couldn’t take over the kazoo market, much less the Western United States,” and wishes the Sci Fi Channel would pick up the show, in Jericho Commentary: Episode Seven, “Patriots and Tyrants” Season Finale posted at Athens Exchange.

Myles McNutt laments what could have been if the show’s producers hadn’t been so crushed for time, if the finale, at least, could have been spread over two hours, in Series Finale – Jericho – ‘Patriots and Tyrants’ posted at Cultural Learnings.

fred really liked Season 2 (especially Hawkins kickin’ some butt!) but says he wished the end had been, perhaps, a little less happy, in Jericho: Patriots And Tyrants posted at TVoholic.com.

Terocious talks about how Skeet Ulrich made Johnston Jacob Green’s evolution over the course of 29 episodes wholly believable, in Where have you been? posted at Jericho Junction.

Doug Mataconis tells us how he loved the finale, particularly the scene in which Beck’s men tear the ASA flag badges off their uniforms, in Patriots & Tyrants: Jericho 2.7, and discusses looks at various reasons why the second season didn’t do better in the ratings, in A Jericho Post-Mortem, both posted at Below The Beltway.

Erika (kricka) refuses to eulogize Jericho in Don’t Say It’s Over!, posted at Short Story Life. She has a great new bunch of motivators posted, too, you’ve gotta check them out. Erika also points us to The Fall of Jericho over at The Grub ReportJericho‘s the show that made this snarky recapper feel, dammit!

Anna can’t believe it’s over, so she won’t and gives us links to find out more about saving Jericho, after her usual excellent recap, in Jericho 3/25: “Patriots and Tyrants”, posted at A Day In The Life. (Anna: You’re welcome, and thank you for taking part! Thanks to all of you for making this carnival a success, actually!)

Jane is so in with the In Crowd that Jennie Sword (Townsperson Jennie) sent her a photo of herself with April Parker (Darcy) at the wrap party and a lovely note. You can read all about it over at Monster Exclusive: Jennie and April posted at Jericho Monster.

Amanda decides to focus on the positive and talks about all the good stuff that happened, in Jericho 2.07: Patriots and Tyrants, posted at FADPOV.

Edna & Margie, Jericho’s oldest residents and good friends of Remote Access, share their tale of how they came to little Heather Lisinski’s defense in Margie and Edna vs. Major Beck posted at Margie and Edna’s Basement. Remind me never to get them ticked off at me. Oh, and speaking of, here’s an interview they did with yours truly, in Amy Vernon tells all!

And, don’t forget, the ladies did this week’s guest blog, here.

Finally, here’s the links to this week’s Jericho posts from yours truly: My thoughts on the cancellation. My live thoughts on the finale. My aftermath thoughts.

Don’t forget to vote for Brad Beyer/Stanley Richmond in our poll over on the right!!!

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