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Office kiss and tell: Actress who plants one on Dwight tonight grateful for big break


When Cassie Fliegel spotted an Office casting notice looking for a tall, female basketball player, 6’1″ or taller, she wasn’t about to let two inches stop her.

“I’m like, I need this. I want this. I’m perfect for this,” the 5’11” actress and former basketball player said of her part in tonight’s episode, “Night Out.”


Cassie Fliegel and Rainn Wilson share a steamy moment in tonight’s episode of The Office, “Night Out”. Fliegel, a big fan of the show, didn’t learn that she’d be kissing Dwight Schrute until she showed up on set — not that she minded. (Photo: NBC Universal)

Without revealing any spoilers, Fliegel plays a key role in Michael and Dwight’s (Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson) surprise trip to New York to go clubbing with Ryan (BJ Novak).

When she got the callback, she hit the gym that same night and worked on her biceps for two hours. She showed up for the audition looking every bit what she thought was the part, wearing gym pants and a tank top. When she stepped off the elevator she walked right into another girl up for the part who was about 6’8″.

Still, Fliegel was cast as “Tall Girl #1”. She talked at length to Remote Access about the experience between auditions in L.A. this week. The aspiring film and television actress and 2006 Harvard graduate has already been the subject of fierce online Office buzz because of a publicity photo released by NBC Universal picturing her character in a full lip-lock with Dwight at a nightclub.

cassie-black-tank-resized.jpgBut Fliegel says she didn’t even know about that scene until after she got the part and arrived at the two-day shoot where a makeup artist started asking her about lipstick and such for the kissing scene.

“I was like, I don’t think so,” she said. “It wasn’t part of my audition.”

But a woman from production pulled her outside and informed her she would indeed be kissing Dwight in her scene. Turns out that part was included in the script she hadn’t received.

“She said, ‘We didn’t send you the script? That is so unacceptable. I’m so sorry. We’ll have a script for you in your trailer in two minutes.’ I’m like, I have a trailer?” Fliegel recalled thinking. “I didn’t even care about (the script). I went to my trailer.”

The first day of shooting included her speaking lines; the second was the kissing scene. Besides being lots of fun, Fliegel said the experience was her first big break — a speaking role on a prime time sitcom — following several minor parts and reality TV stints.

“This definitely is the most significant thing that I’ve done, I’d say,” she said.

The Cambridge, Mass., native, who is 24, says she was already a huge fan of the show and lists cast members’ nearby hometowns with ease: Steve Carell, Concord; Mindy Kaling, Cambridge. Even BJ Novak is a Harvard alum like she is, and Newton native John Krasinski attended Brown in nearby Providence, R.I.

Fliegel attended the same high school, Cambridge Rindge & Latin, as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. She moved out to Hollywood to pursue a film and television career. She’s usually cast in dramas, but she enjoyed her taste of comedy with the gang from Scranton.

“They’re such a fun cast, and they’re so talented, but you can tell that they really enjoy working with each other,” she said. “So at the end of the two days we’re all talking together, all having fun. It’s a great group.”

Read more tomorrow about Fliegel’s stint on The Office, including how she prepared for her steamy scene with Dwight and how much she’d love to have some Dunder Mifflin in her future.

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