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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: ‘All About My Brother’


The gay bomb dropped on “Gossip Girl” last night — and the collateral damage was massive.

eric.jpegAsher was outed, and Jenny was revealed as a social climbing, lying hypocrite. Eric was yanked out of the closet, too — thanks to Georgina’s not-so-accidental slip at the van der Woodsen family dinner — although he seemed kind of relieved.

But gay, schmay!

The big surprise wasn’t the identity of a gay Upper East Sider: We all knew that WEEKS ago, darlings, right?

blairserena.jpeg The huge shocker came in the episode’s last moments, when finally, Serena told Blair what Georgina’s got on her that could ruin her life.

“I killed someone.”




Fans sort of expected that Serena’s terrible secret was something like this.

Knowing what Serena was like in the bad old days, would an affair with a married man or a coke-inspired menage a trois really have blown our minds?

Still, her blurted confession right before the hour ended was an eye-opener.


We never got to see the video that Georgina supposedly has of the murder, and we still don’t know who died. But from the snippets of dialogue we heard, I’m guessing it was some kind of sex game gone wrong or an accidential drug overdose.

What we did learn, however, is just how far Georgie will go to destroy Serena.

She could have cared less about outing Eric,  who, for all she knew, could have attempted suicide again. And she’s hell bent on wrecking S’s relationship with Dan, though I’m thinking that her charade as “Sarah” isn’t going to last much longer.

And oh yeah, it doesn’t seem to matter that Serena could face criminal charges for that mysterious death.

So why is Georgina doing this?

“Because I can.”


As for the battle between Blair and Jenny, the two kicked off the night sending false info about the other to Gossip Girl. Even GG herself called a temporary halt to the feud, refusing to print anything more without proof. What ethics!

(BTW, didn’t you love that inside baseball conversation between Serena and Eric about Gossip Girl’s blog? Serena laughs about all the crazy rumors, including a wild one that Eric was actually Gossip Girl. Which was a real gossip item about the show going around a few months back…)

jenny.jpeg Anyway, it seemed that Jenny’s perfect new boyfriend, Asher, has been snogging Eric since their days together at the Ostroff clinic. She’s known he was gay from the start, since the little creep made her a deal: He’ll give her the insider status she’s been craving, if she’s willing to act as his cover girl.

Unfortunately for Asher, Dan saw him kissing Eric – though he didn’t know who the other man was at the time. And Dan actually got off his moral high horse and sent GG an anonymous tip about Asher, to protect little J.

But the one who succeeded in completely exposing the jerk was Blair, all in the pursuit of bringing down Jenny, of course. Never bet against the Queen B.!

She got her minions to steal Asher’s cell phone, downloading all of his texts to Eric.

Blair drew a line, though, when she realized that smashing Asher and Jenny would hurt Eric.

Then Eric gave her permission to make the relationship public. (That is, more public that yelling “I’m gay, and you are too” in the middle of a raging party.)

“Do it,” he tells Blair, who immediately hits “send” to whisk those incriminating messages straight to Gossip Girl’s inbox.

And voila: Jenny’s ruined, but not for dating a gay guy.

Her crime, according to rich girl rules? Lying to her girlfriends about sex.

Jenny’s a plucky one, though: Instead of slinking home, she marches straight to Blair’s and admits defeat, telling her the game wasn’t worth losing her family’s respect.

Blair says Jenny never stood a chance, but she put up a good fight.

“For a freshman.”

For a second, Blair’s voice cracked with vulnerability, as she told Jenny that she warned her at the beginning of what might happen. Which made me wonder if she might just let Jenny crawl back into the inner circle one day.

Then she put her nasty mask back on, sneering, “I hope you don’t expect a hug.”

Looking forward to next week?

With Serena hysterical that Georgie will reveal their secret, she’s backsliding into her old habits. Guess who comes to her rescue?

Not Dan!

This time, it’s the unlikely trio of Blair, Nate and … Chuck!!

Until then, boys and girls, XOXO…

(Photos courtesy of the CW) 

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