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Review: In Plain Sight


A promising start.

The opening scene was kind of cheesy, a typical Hollywood opinion of what it must be like to be a Mafia hitman.

The guy sticking his head out the window, telling his wife how he couldn’t understand how that happened (the fat guy jupming out the window and therefore landing on said hitman’s car).


I’ll have to remember that cellphone trick, sticking the phone out of the car window and pretending the call’s breaking up. Not that I have ever, ever driven while talking on the phone without a hands-free headset.

OK, Tashia’s breakdown in the hallway (um, isn’t she kind of loud in a semi-public area considering the subject matter of the conversation?) was a wee bit melodramatic, particularly with that twangy guitar music. The scene redeemed itself, however, with the declaration that she’d been promised new breasts.

And I liked that when she went over the top and tried to be racist with the American Indians in the bar, she even got it wrong saying that whitey would get all Little Bighorn on them, considering the Lakota-Northern Cheyenne won that particular battle.

Her family life is kind of amusing, and I love her mom. “A dimebag of what?”

And Marshal Marshall, “Haven’t we done enough to those people already?” (In response to Mary telling him that she winged a bar of soap at the penis of an American Indian man.)

Oh, and, lest I forget, tat’s some heavy amount of coke that Mary’s sister is hiding. She’s kind of like the female version of Nate Westen.

OK, it’s official: Mary is the female Michael Westen. For now, at least, In Plain Sight gets a DVR season pass.

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