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Jericho keeps making the news


I’ve never, ever seen a fanbase so hooked into the producers and actors and crew that put together a show.

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Jericho truly is a special experience for the fans (myself included) and all those involved in producing the show.

Take the latest missive I received today from the Saving Jericho Again folks:

Jericho Executive Producers Jon Turteltaub (“National Treasure,” “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”) and Carol Barbee (CBS’ “Swingtown”) also have posted messages on www.savejerichoagain.com, applauding the TV ad as “brilliant” and “amazing.”

Both Turteltaub and Barbee also thanked Jericho fans for their continued support and passion, affirmed that meetings regarding Jericho’s future were ongoing, and asked fans to hang tight on the collective fight to resurrect the canceled show starring actor Skeet Ulrich.

First off, how awesome is that? These are people who know video production and they’re blown away by the TV ad (voiced by none other than hunky Stanley “Brad Beyer” Richmond himself and produced visually by the incredibly talented Rubber Poultry (known to his parents as Jason Moore).

The ad first aired June 10 and since then, the SJA folks inform me, the site has received more than “9,000 visits, with over 26,000 page views and 6,300 absolute unique visitors (visits from a single IP address) from 66 countries and territories and viewed in 44 different languages.”


The ad on YouTube has had more than 13,000 views and folks have downloaded a hi-res version of the TV ad more than 300 times.

Plus, folks have downloaded “Save Jericho” postcards more than 1,250 times.

Says Rubber Poultry:

The response has been tremendous. I haven’t seen this kind of activity since the show was originally renewed. The cast, crew and producers are really excited, too. They’ve expressed their excitement both publically and privately about what fans are doing.

Wanna know more about anything to do with Saving Jericho, again? It’s not over until it’s over, and the exec prods say it ain’t over. So head over to Save Jericho Again to find out all you need to know.

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