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Why does Tony Almeida want to bring down the U.S.?


More details are starting to come out about 24’s Day 7, in which the big bad is none other than the previously thought dead (except by some) Tony “Soul Patch” Almeida.


Executive Producer Manny Coto gave an interview I read on newsobserver.com in which he says Jack starts out defending himself against accusations of crimes against humanity in a Senate investigation.

But while Jack is in Washington, FBI agent Renee Walker brings him in to deal with a series of possible terrorist attacks instigated by former CTU agent Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), previously presumed dead. “Jack’s thrust into this mystery of how Tony is still alive, and why is he trying to bring down this country?”

I gotta tell you, we’d better find out the answer to that question.

The way last year’s crapapalooza left us, scratching our heads over why, exactly, Jack’s father and brother were so frakkin’ evil and believed they deserved to bring down the U.S. government — repeatedly — and never mind the question of who Josh’s father actually was: Graeme, Jack or Papa Bauer (Howard Gordon and Co. said they’d planned to reveal Papa was Josh’s papa but stopped because that was just too icky — they were right), well, we’d better get some actual answers this season.

I love 24. I love Jack Bauer. But I have to wonder if they’ve gone too far, strayed too far from the bounds of semi-believability that it’s just gotten ridiculous.

Each year, when I sat down to watch 24, I figured it would be my last. Jack’s addicted to heroin? Nah, the heroin’s actually addicted to Jack, so he’s OK. Tony’s shot in the neck? He’s fine a couple hours later! CTU is infiltrated again and again, blown up by bombs, filled with nerve gas, overrun by Chinese kidnappers working for Philip Bauer.

Until last season, I was completely hooked within a few episodes and didn’t care about all the silly stuff. The silly stuff, in fact, was a reprieve from the intensity of the rest of the show.

But last season, after a while, just got flat-out silly.24season7.jpg

It had some brilliant moments, not least of which was the fourth hour, which ended with a nuke blast in Valencia. But by the time it was all over, most of the fanbase was sitting there saying, “I spent 24 hours watching this?”

We’re loyal fans. We’ll give 24 another chance because it’s had some astoundingly fantastic runs. Season 5, I believe, was nearly as good as my favorite, Season 2.

Maybe it’ll work by wiping away CTU and putting Jack in a position where he is telling the U.S. government that, yes, he did what he did and he made the choices to do those things. BUT he made those choices at the behest of this nation’s leaders, believing it was in the best interests of the American people and would save more lives than it would take.

Even in allowing, last season, CTU to turn him over to the terrorists to be killed, if that was what it took to save lives.

But when the Senate comes calling on Day 7 (actually, in the telemovie to air in November that bridges the four-year gap between Days 6 and 7), he’s not interested.


He’s a soul in turmoil and has been moving from place to place trying to find somewhere he can be at peace. But he winds up in Africa in the middle of a military coup.


He’s not running away from anything. It’s because they’ve taken everything from him, but (he) won’t let them take his freedom.

And we, his fans, won’t let them take away our beloved 24 without giving it another chance.

Can 24 reinvent itself? Again?

Give us some answers and don’t do anything too stupid (please, don’t let Josh ever show up again and keep Morris off screen as much as possible on Day 7. And maybe bring Aaron Pierce back, but only without bat-guano crazy Martha).

Then, I’ll put my money on the answer being “yes.”

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 4:15 pm by Amy Vernon. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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8 Responses to “Why does Tony Almeida want to bring down the U.S.?”

  1. erika

    For me, 24 has enough good credit to be excited for this new season, even though last season was such a disappointment. While I am dubious about the return of Tony, I can’t help but be excited about it, because I love Tony!!

    Fingers crossed they work it out and give us some good show for season seven.

  2. Brain

    Which season of 24 do you think jumped the shark?

  3. Nick

    To a certain extent, the show becoming less credible is what made it so fun in the first place. Jack spent the last few eps of Season 2 having a prolonged series of heart attacks and somehow still managed to save the day. It’s totally unrealistic, but still great fun to watch.

    It’s not the unrealistic quality that’s a problem as much as the ho-hum formulaic issues that the show had last season. After six seasons, there’s definitely a “been there, done that” feel to it. The return of Tony is what has me hooked for Season 7.

  4. Michael L

    After the nuclear bomb went off in Valencia, the show went downhill very quickly. I totally lost interest in it, and couldn’t care less when it was done. It was very disappointing. Hopefully, next season will bring back the edge of your seat excitement that made 24 the show it is.

  5. Lost me Long Ago

    I think they jumped the shark at hour 18 of season 1. I watched season two, and it was just ridiculous. I’m glad I saved 96 hours not watching seasons 3-6.

  6. Abhinav Kaiser

    Who wants to watch realistic action? 24 is all about fantasy of the highest kind. I am very excited about the new season. It totally does not matter if the previous seasons were silly and ridiculous, yet it was entertaining.

    Jack and his boys will once again prove to be great entertainers…

    On the other hand, I feel that Lost is boring and they are stretching it like rubber.

    What ya think?

  7. Mark Granger

    I am such a fan of 24 I am completely willing to overlook the minor plot holes and imperfections. All I care about is that 1 hour of 24 is more exciting that most 2 hour action movies released by Hollywood the same year.

  8. Jim Dandy

    Season 1 FTW
    ...acting has taken a dive over the years, the original CTU was the best

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