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A ‘Pretty Woman’ for 24’s Jack Bauer?


The latest rumor regarding 24:

Julia Roberts may guest-star sometime in Season 7, says starmagazine.com.

Those of you who are either my age or pop-culture aficionados will remember the scandal — SHOCKING! — when Julia left poor Kiefer at the altar back in 1991 juliaroberts.jpgand took up with his friend, Jason Patric (he of the missing “k”).

What really got me about this, however, was that the “article” (it’s about three or four paragraphs long, so it’s hardly an article, more of a squib) says this is “amid rumors that this season may be superagent Jack Bauer’s last” — didn’t Fox pick up the show for two more seasons? Are they implying that Jack might possibly actually be killed off?

Jack could have been killed off in Season 1 or even 2. Maybe even 3. But by now, he IS 24. It’s The Jack Bauer Show, with a supporting cast that changes from year to year. Sometimes the supporting cast is great (Tony, Michelle, Edgar, Chloe, even Bill B.), sometimes not so much (Morris, Milo, Ricky Schroeder); but always Jack is there and he’s The Man.

If they kill off Jack, I can’t see any reason to watch a Season 8. Actually, after the Season 6 crapapalooza, if they don’t fix things this year, I’m going to have a hard time justifying seeing Season 8.

rajskub.jpgIn other 24-related news, we find out exactly why Morris is going to return this season. MILD SPOILER FOLLOWS:

So that Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe O’Brian) can take her maternity leave, she’s going to have to go home for a “family emergency” involving their daughter and Morris will come in and spell Jack, sometime mid-season, for a handful of episodes. Fortunately, Rajskub realizes that most of the fans hate Morris and love Chloe and want her to come back as soon as possible, so she’s not taking a very long maternity leave, it appears.

Julia Roberts photo: Evan Agostini/Associated Press
Mary Lynn Rajskub photo: Kathy Willens/Associated Press

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