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Gone, Amy Gone? We may soon see the last of Holly, and that just stinks


For the life of me I can not figure out how Amy Ryan could be so in demand that she can’t commit to a full-time gig on The Office.

business-ethics-holly-michael.jpgI mean, Steve Carell balances a booming film career with his leading Office role. Ryan’s a great actress, sure, but is she more in demand than he is? Maybe studios are more flexible with the schedules of bankable stars, and his films have grossed more than $500 million.

Still an Office gig hasn’t kept John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer or Rainn Wilson out of theaters. And they are neither top-grossers nor Oscar-nominated.

Ryan talks here with The Daily News about her upcoming role in Clint Eastwood’s The Changeling, a role that sounds closer to Helene in Gone Baby Gone than it does to Holly Flax.

“People who are struggling in some form in their lives are usually the most interesting parts to play,” says Ryan, 38. “If you’re playing a really nice character who has everything together, there’s no conflict, there’s no real drama. I’d much rather take on these kinds of parts.”

That doesn’t stop her from playing coy with The Today Show in a short appearance prior to last week’s episode…

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Great White spoiler alert

It looks like The Office is heading north to Canada. Staff writer Brent Forrester chose Winnipeg as the site for an upcoming Michael Scott business trip because, “It seemed like Montreal was maybe too exotic and Vancouver also a little maybe too conventionally sexy, and Winnipeg seemed to strike the right balance between exotic and obscure,” Forrester told CBC News.

Oscar and Andy join him on the trip, making for an interesting grouping of characters, and the episode centers (centres?) around Michael having an affair with a hotel concierge. The article details how the city’s tourism bureau provided authentic items to give the L.A.-shot episode local flair.

And predator-free since 2008!

You’ve heard of Pam 6.0? Well, how about OfficeTally 2.0. Diehard fans would be hard-pressed to think of ways to make this one-stop site for all things Office any better, what with its exclusive interviews, frequent news updates and pleasing aesthetic.

Well, it just got aestheticer, as Michael Scott might say.

Tanster, the brains behind the operation, announced the make-over on Saturday.

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