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‘Pushing Daisies’ recap: ‘Comfort Food’


No, “Daisies” fans, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The photo below isn’t from last night’s finger-lickin’ good episode.

And don’t you want another look at deep-fried Colonel Likkin? Or Chuck’s guaze-wrapped, undead daddy? (Kudos to the show for the cute Invisible Man reference…)

But I can’t show you those pictures because ABC didn’t bother to post any stills on its press website, and I hope that’s not an ominous sign that the network plans to let this sweet show fade away without a proper goodbye.

It’s bad enough it’s been cancelled. Please, ABC, at least let it go out with some dignity, don’t treat it like a crazy relative who might say something offensive at the holiday dinner. (I also noticed that “Daisies” didn’t get any promotion on the main page of ABC.com yesterday; or, at least, not when I was looking at it.)

Allow us to fully savor the rich, buttery goodness of “Daisies” while we can. And last night, it was just oozing out of the show, as Ned and Olive teamed up for the annual county comfort food cook-off.

The Pie Hole’s opposition included Marianne Marie Beetle, the insanely competitive baker from Muffin Buffalo. (Remember everyone: Losing doesn’t make you a loser. Oh wait. It does!)

We also met the faux German-accented Waffle Nazi. And the cookoff champion and murder victim du jour: Col. Likkin, with his secret recipe of 500 herbs and spices.

When Ned finds the Colonel battered (as in, literally, covered in his own chicken batter) and fried in hot oil, he’s determined to find his killer. That turns out to be the sadly obese, scooter-riding cookoff coordinator, Leo, who’d had his life ruined by his addiction to the Colonel’s tasty chicken.

Olive’s spunky determination to win the contest – and they do, thanks to a Plan B icebox pie, yay! – was pretty hilarious. Especially when she used Leo’s scooter to beat Marianne to the judges’ table. But the Olive Snook highlight of the evening was absolutely her cover of the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame,” as she realizes that her love for Ned isn’t dead.

Speaking of dead, and the undead, Chuck was doing a little undercover work of her own. As in, digging up her dead father.

(And maybe she succeeded in covering up Papa’s nasty mold face with some carefully placed gauze, but what did she do about the smell? I’m guessing a 20-year dead Charles Charles would be more than a wee bit smelly.)

Ned revived Mr. Charles to give Chuck the chance to say a proper goodbye – as well as get some answers about shady Dwight Dixon. Chuck couldn’t bear to let him go, so she tricks Ned into thinking he’s returned Daddy to the afterlife.

So who bit the bullet in place of Mr. Charles? (As Emerson said, there are no “sometime” rules when it comes to Ned’s magic touch.)

Dwight Dixon, so we don’t feel TOO bad about the consequences. After all, he was about to kill Chuck and Ned.

I honestly can’t remember if we found out exactly why, or why he wanted that dopey pocketwatch, but too late now! Dwight is dead and buried in Charles Charles’ grave.

Maybe Chuck’s dad will have the answer. And maybe we’ll get the answers to more questions about Ned and Chuck while Mr. Charles is alive, like: How exactly did Lily and Vivian end up raising Chuck?

But more importantly, will Ned forgive Chuck for lying to him – and for keeping her dad alive?

Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to find out. “Daisies” is on the ABC schedule for the next two weeks – for now, anyway – but there’s no word yet on if we’ll get to see the final three episodes in the new year.

Fingers crossed.

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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