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Goodbye to The Office for 2008…Welcome back Karen in 2009


I previewed tonight’s episode of The Office yesterday, but I failed to mention — because I didn’t realize it at the time — that it’s the final episode of the year.

A quick check of the NBC media site and the always reliable OfficeTally calendar, just to be sure, reveals that after tonight we’ve got a month of repeats before new episodes resume.

Replays of “Crime Aid” and “Customer Survey” will air Dec. 18. “Goodbye, Toby” is up on Jan. 1. New episodes resume Jan. 15. So this is it. E

njoy your new Office fix while it lasts. It also occurs to me that tonight’s episode, “Moroccan Christmas” is only a half-hour long.

How is it not an hour long? The schedulers at NBC have next to no idea when to supersize and when not to. (I know, they technically don’t supersize anymore since that referred to the odd 40-minute episodes like “Casino Night.” I think the term should still apply to anything longer than the standard half-hour episode.)

By the way, in case you  haven’t heard, Karen’s coming back.

What’s that? I buried the lead by not revealing this startling news immediately? Sorry. But according to the imdb page for Episode 5.14, old Fillipellers shows up three episodes from now. And based on the schedule information detailed above, that’s Super Bowl Sunday.

There’s few details yet available about the episode, other than, as I’ve reported, that it SPOILER ALERT! features a Michael Scott roast and some sort of disaster related to Dwight’s fire marshal training.

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