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‘Pushing Daisies’ recap: ‘The Norwegians’


Tee hee. The Norwegians.

Did you notice that “the Norwegians” was said an awful lot in last night’s “Pushing Daisies?”

After the first few minutes, we certainly knew the nationality of those bizarro Ned, Chuck and Emerson clones. (And if we forgot, we were cued by the plastering of their country’s flag on EVERYTHING. Not to mention Olive’s constant mention of “Norwegia.”)

But let’s face it: It was just funny to hear over and over. The Norwegians.

Snicker. Snort!

Yes, it was another fine installment of the sci-fi/detective series, which makes it even sadder that the show is getting closer and closer to its final curtain call.

So why were the Norwegians causing trouble for our crack team of investigators? And why were they from Norwegia anyway?

Well, why not? This is “Pushing Daisies,” after all. But for story’s sake, Magnus, Nils and Hedda headed for Papen County because the low crime rate in their homeland cut drastically cut into their paychecks. Over in Pushing Daisies-land, with the help of their super-techno mobile crime lab, or Mother, they figured they could out-investigate their main competition, a.k.a. Emerson Cod.

(BTW, anyone else smile at the childishly clever acronym for the Norwegians’ crime lab? Check it: Mobile Investigative Lab Facility.)

Anyway, the Norwegians – hee! – were hired by Chuck’s Aunt Vivian to look into the disappearance of her gentleman caller, Dwight Dixon. She’s not convinced Dwight is a bad man, as Emerson told her so coldly when he refused to take the case, because he romanced her with crudité.

But, of course, Emerson really doesn’t want Vivian to find out what happened to Dwight because that would lead to all sorts of questions about Chuck’s resurrection. Not to mention that of Charles Charles, who’s still on the lam.

Enter the Norwegians.


So as Ned, Chuck and Emerson try to figure out a way to foil the other team of private eyes, the Norwegians – Ha! Okay, I’ll stop now! – hire a secret weapon.

Itty-Bitty herself, Olive Snook.

A traitorous turn of events so surprising, so horrible, so hurtful, that even the show’s eloquent narrator uttered an out-of-character, “Oh, hell no!”

But lil’ Olive couldn’t ever turn on her friends, could she? Never ever, not even though she’s continually frustrated by not being in on the trio’s big, big secret about Ned’s raise-the-dead superpower. She decided to help by spying on the Norwegians from the inside.

Then, BAM! Another surprise: When the Norwegians have the bodies of Charles Charles and chuck exhumed, both coffins are empty.

We knew Chuck’s would be, but where the heck is Dwight’s body? (When Dwight kicked the bucket because of Ned’s one-minute rule with Charles Charles was broken, Emerson put Dwight in the empty grave.)

Ned and Emerson don’t know where he is, but they know they’ve got to sabotage all the evidence that the Norwegians have collected. Which means Ned needs to steal the MILF-mobile.

As he’s doing that, Olive tries a “Twenty Questions” approach to get at the truth. But she doesn’t: She thinks Chuck’s dad faked his death, just like his daughter. And just as she’s wondering if her pals killed Dwight, the van goes off a cliff, leaving Ned and Olive hanging literally by a branch.

They’re saved, however – not moments after Ned confesses that he may have possibly looked at Olive in a romantic light – by a masked man.

Chuck’s dad? Everyone thinks so. They also think he’s the one who orchestrated the scene in Dwight’s hotel room, where his body turns up, and whose death is attributed to “natural causes.”

Whew. Everyone’s safe.

Or are they? Because the masked man is NOT Charles Charles. It’s NED’S DAD.

Who’s played by George freakin’ Hamilton!


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