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SAG Award noms bring some familiar matchups while Office workers moonlight and Salma Hayek goes deep


So the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations were released the other day, and the comedy match-ups are pretty familiar.

It’s not surprising the same names keep coming up in these contests, since there are so few comedies on TV these days.

As usual, Alec Baldwin and the cast of 30 Rock go up against Steve Carell and the cast of The Office in the Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series categories, respectively.

There’s every possibility, however unfair, that Jeremy Piven and the cast of Entourage could send both home winless.My money’s on Baldwin and The Office. My heart is on Carell and 30 Rock.

Weeds is up in the comedy series category, too, as is star Mary Louise Parker for Outstanding Actress, though my heart and money are on Tina Fey, but only by a little.

The 15th Annual SAG Awards airs Jan. 25 on TNT and TBS.

Speaking of SAG, by the way, OfficeTally has sifted through and pulled out all the Office folks from the list of some 130 actors opposing a strike by the union. Really? After what a hoot last year’s WGA strike was?

One curious omission struck me: Jenna Fischer.

Could be because she’s been busy. According to Variety, she’s exec-producing “an hourlong comedic drama about a lumber salesman who solves a crime and becomes a private eye, along with a ragtag group of pals.”

Ragtag? Really?

Rainn Wilson is branching out too, according to the piece. He’s partnering with Adam Braff on Hump Tulips, “about a lawyer who winds up in a small Washington town in pursuit of the woman he loves.”

Both projects are through Universal, as in NBC Universal.

And since I mentioned 30 Rock, I’ll just point out that Salma Hayek’s first episode has been shot, and she reportedly found Alec Baldwin to be quite a handful. The Sun, via BuddyTV, got the scoop.

“Salma plays my mother’s nurse and I find out I have testicular cancer.  She shoves her hands down my pants and that was the first episode I shot with Salma,” he said.


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