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Post-Super Bowl Office a star-studded affair (for better or worse)


Info has been trickling out all week on the post-Super Bowl episode of The Office.

First there was the reveal that Jack Black will guest star. Then came news Jessic Alba would be joining him. (ETA: Almost forgot, Cloris Leachman too.) This is starting to sound like a modern version of The Love Boat. The reassuring part is that they won’t really be in the episode. Instead they’ll be the stars of a bootleg movie one of the staff secretly tries to watch.

My question, then, is why bother?

I mean, I’m glad they’re not going the stuntcasting route. 30 Rock perfected that tack before flubbing it repeatedly this season. The Office, deliberately by some accounts, has always avoided actors whose recognition factor would take viewers out of the show.

So you’ve gotten Tim Meadows as the hilarious Lackawanna County official Michael woos in “The Client” or Amy Ryan, whose Wire stint and Oscar nominations were common knowledge among only a savvy few. Amy Adams is another good example.

The thought of Black or Alba swinging by Dunder Mifflin bugs me more than Liz Lemon sitting next to Oprah on a plane (even if it was only a hallucination).

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