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Kristin Chenoweth to star in new David E. Kelley drama


So there had to be a silver lining in the sad storm cloud that is the cancellation of ABC’s “Pushing Daisies.”

And here it is: Kristin Chenoweth has just been tapped as the new star of uber-producer David E. Kelley’s upcoming legal drama, “Legally Mad.”

The Chenster has gotten lots of practice playing the adorably loopy Olive Snook on “Daisies,” so she shouldn’t have trouble nailing the role of the somewhat nutty Skippy Pylon. (Don’t you just love that name, too?

Chenoweth should have fun playing Skippy, too, given the character’s description, via Variety:

<blockquote><div>In “Legally Mad,” Chenoweth is set to play Skippy Pylon, a cheerful and brilliant attorney who nonetheless exhibits flashes of psychosis — and enjoys being mistaken for a teenager.</div></blockquote>

We’re sad to see Olive say good-bye, but from the sound of it, we may be happy to say hello to Skippy – as long as the show is more early “Ally McBeal” and less lame “Boston Legal.”.

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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