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A merry Office Christmas video because it still ’tis the season


Retail-wise, Christmas 2009 is a memory, but religiously speaking it’s not even halfway through. I think we’re on Six Geese-a-laying by now, in fact. And since the retail figures rolling in are about as sad as your last 401k report, perhaps we should be turning to a higher power.

With ongoing Yuletide in mind, I give you The Office‘s Leslie David Baker and Bobby Ray Shafer detailing the office Christmas tree, a Charlie Brown variety if ever there was one. What this video lacks in image quality, it makes up in horrendous audio quality.

It also boasts the most mis-applied “That’s What She Said” ever uttered on The Office set.

Leslie gets the second place cast award for most disturbing real-life voice. Naturally Brian Baumgartner ran away with that category.

All that said, I think, as Mame put it, we could use a little Christmas, right this very minutes. So for that, thanks guys.

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Speaking of Baumgartner, this Atlanta Journal-Constitution interview is a must-read. I’ve been following this show closely for almost three years and I’m surprised I can still learn new things about the cast. What steered the future Kevin Malone from sports to theater is one example.

The role he played on CSI is most definitely another.

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