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‘Gossip Girl’ spinoff is a go … with a teenage Lily?!?


I have to admit that the romance between Lily and Rufus on “Gossip Girl” interests me way more than the one between their kids. (Ewww: There’s no way around it, having your dad date your girlfriend’s mom is just waaaay too icky.)

But an entire spinoff focused on a young Lily van der Woodsen? In L.A. in the ’80s?

Well, maybe the ’80s part is kind of interesting. I could get into some neon, shoulderpads and Duran Duran. And since the new series will use the same costume and music supervisors as “GG,” you know that the show’s fashion and tunes will rock.

But Lily? She’s definitely got an interesting background: socialite, rock groupie, artist’s muse, illegitimate child given up for adoption, married a whole bunch o’ times. Yet is this really something that can be sustained for more than a few episodes, much less an entire season and beyond?

I suppose this idea is a better one than doing a TV version of “The It Girl,” which was a spinoff of the “GG” book series starring Little Jenny Humphrey. Or a show centered on psychotic spoiled rich girl Georgina, as had been rumored.

But why do a spinoff at all? Isn’t the fabulousness of “Gossip Girl” enough? What’s up with the network obsession with spinoffs?

Here’s the real question though: Would you watch a show all about Lily?

(Photo courtesy of the CW)

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