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Two days until ‘Lost’ premieres! Check out a Locke sneak peek…


Are you appropriately giddy and gleeful that we ALL go back to the island in TWO DAYS?

When “Lost” last left us, we finally got to see who was in that coffin: John Locke. Or, should we say, Jeremy Bentham?

Wednesday night’s double-episode Season 5 premiere starts right where we were, with Jack and Ben in the funeral parlor viewing Locke’s corpse. As the season progresses, we’ll find out how and why Locke died – and why it’s so important to bring him back to the island.

But on premiere night, we’ll see Locke alive and well – sort of – right after Ben moved Mystery Island.

Check out the sneak peek below, and afterwards, answer this question for me, Lost-philes: Where have we seen that plane before?

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Plug in your answer in the comments section below – and visit Remote Access tomorrow for another scene from this week’s premiere!

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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