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‘Lost’ premieres TONIGHT! Go on the run with Hurley and Sayid…



Sorry, that was just me choking with excitement for tonight’s Season 5 “Lost” premiere! And I’m still this psyched after watching it three times – yes, you should hate me right now – so that should tell you just how GOOD tonight’s double episode is.

Much of the premiere revolves around Sayid and Hurley, especially in the second hour. The dynamic duo is right where we left them, on the run after Sayid busted Hurley out of the mental institution.

They’re headed to a safe house, which as you’ll see from the clip below, isn’t quite so safe.

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So here’s my question: After years of working as Ben’s assassin, why is Sayid now so upset with Mr. Donkey-Wheel-Turning-Linus?

Post your theories in the comments section below, and check back here tomorrow morning for a post-premiere recap!

Namaste, Lost-philes!

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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