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‘Lost’ recap: We obsess over ‘Jughead’


When I first heard the title of last night’s episode, like every other Lost-phile, I started wondering who Jughead could be.

Turns out, Jughead isn’t a person. It’s a thing.

And what a random thing, too: Jughead is the nickname for a hydrogen bomb, which arrived on the island more than 50 years ago (at the same time the U.S. was involved in a program of developing and testing atom bombs in the Pacific Ocean) and entrusted to the care of Richard Alpert and the Others.

So what’s the trouble with that? Well, in 1954, that bomb started leaking, making a whole bunch o’ Others sick with radiation poisoning.

Wha, wha, WHAT?!?

Honestly, just when you thought “Lost” couldn’t get any more mind-boggling – time travel, quantum physics – the show literally throws a bomb into the mix and scrambles your brain even more.

Thankfully, there was another storyline to temper all that science talk: We got to see more of Penny and Desmond.

And the best part? We got to meet the new addition to the Hume family – and presumed heir to the Widmore fortune.

(Harumph. I didn’t get a birth announcement, did you?)

So, anyone else wondering about the name Pen and Des gave their son?

Sure, I figure it’s a tribute to the late, great hero, Charlie Pace, who gave his life to help the castaways in Season 3.

Then again, it IS short for Charles – also the name of Penny’s father. Who just happens to show up not once, but twice, and at dual times and places, in this episode.

Coincidence? With this show? Come on.

Want to discuss further? Keep reading for further analysis…

We’ll get to Jughead, Richard and the rest of the left-behinds soon. But for now, let’s focus on Desmond’s off-island adventures.

(By the way, I thought “Jughead” was more exciting than last week’s back-to-back installments. It also smartly reprised the show’s use of the Desmond-Penny relationship to help forward some pretty complicated science stuff. See last season’s “The Constant” and Season 3’s “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”)

The episode opened with the now familiar person-running-across-the-island urgency. Except Desmond isn’t racing across Mystery Island: It’s present day (whatever that is) and he’s in port somewhere, trying to get a doctor for a pregnant Penny.

Yup, P & D have a healthy baby boy, who’s been hiding from Papa Widmore with Mom & Dad on their sailboat since he was born.

Desmond, however, wants to break radio silence a bit and go back to England in order to search for Daniel’s mother at Oxford: That memory he had last week is really bugging him. Penny agrees to let him go, but he has to promise to never go back to the island.

Of course, it’s not so easy for Des to track down Mama Faraday. (Also, if Desmond is trying to go incognito, why wear a distinctive scarf and glasses that makes him look like John Lennon, circa 1975?)

Anyway, there’s no record of any Faraday ever teaching at the university. Des remembers where Daniel’s lab was at the school, and finds a fumigation sticker blocking the door.

He breaks in and soon encounters a custodian who reveals the reason why Oxford is covering up Daniel’s work there: He left amid scandal when one of his time travel experiments went haywire and harmed a girl.

That takes D. to the home of that girl, Theresa, who’s in a hospital bed and confused about where (or is it when?) she is most of time. Theresa’s sister, Abigail, tells Desmond that Daniel abandoned Theresa after the accident so his benefactor – CHARLES WIDMORE! – stepped in with financial assistance to help care for her.

Next thing you know, Desmond bursts into Widmore’s office and demands to know where Daniel’s mother is. He refuses to answer any questions about Penny (oddly not thinking that Widmore can just learn where they are by having someone follow him back to the boat).

But strangely, Widmore gives him Mrs. Faraday’s address. In Los Angeles, of course. Which will bring Desmond – one of the ones who “has to go back” to the island? – back to the ‘hood of the Oceanic Six, Ben and Jeremy Bentham.

Widmore warns Desmond that Daniel’s mom won’t be pleased to see him. His advice? Deliver his message and go back underground.

So if Desmond and Penny are hiding from Widmore, then who does Widmore want them to hide from? He doesn’t say it, but naturally, it’s Benjamin Linus.

Uh oh. You guys recall what Ben threatened to do after Widmore’s henchmen killed Alex? Looks like Penny’s in danger.

(P.S. My new theory is that Mrs. Hawking is Daniel’s mother. Anyone else on board with that one?)

Meanwhile, back on the island, that flashy-thingie is still making time go all kerflooey.

Charlotte’s headache is worse. And she, Daniel and Miles get ambushed – after some hidden explosives kill off some Red Shirts – by a few Others, one of whom seems to know Daniel.

Sawyer, Juliet and Locke are still with the two other Others (tee hee) who attacked them last week. The men start speaking Latin, which Juliet understands, because – remember? – she was once an Other, too.

One of the men kills his companion for giving up information to the Losties and runs off into the jungle. Why didn’t Locke shoot him? demands Sawyer.

“Because he’s one of my people,” answers Locke.

The Freighter Three are brought to Richard, who thinks they’re American military who’ve come back for their bomb. Daniel says he can fix the bomb, which is leaking and causing the Others to become ill.

To convince Richard that he won’t pull a fast one and detonate the bomb instead, Daniel tells the truth: that he’d never harm the person he loves most, CHARLOTTE! (Okay, we kind of saw that one coming.)

Then just as Richard is explaining that his followers were forced to kill a battalion of soldiers about a month ago, the Other who escaped from Locke & Co. shows up to warn them.

Guess who that Other turns out to be? A young CHARLES WIDMORE!

Richard sends Daniel off to check out the bomb with Ellie, who looks familiar to Daniel (probably from his many back-and-forths to the island). He then explains that the Others must fill the crack in the bomb’s casing with lead and bury it. The plan must work because, obviously, the island is still there 50 years later.

Yup, that’s where we are in time: 1954. Locke leaves Sawyer and Juliet to save Daniel, while he goes to talk to Richard about the island’s time shifts.

Richard doesn’t remember Locke, despite the compass he gave him.

That’s because Locke wasn’t born until May 30, 1956. (And get this: The first item that popped up in a Google search was a bus boycott in Tallahassee, Florida. Connection? “The Man from Tallahassee” was Locke’s con artist father, Anthony Cooper. Okay, my brain is now officially fried.)

Locke explains that he’s the leader of the Others, which Richard doesn’t believe. Before Locke can ask him how to get off the island, there’s a FLASH! and ….

Locke, Juliet, Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles and Daniel are together – no Others, no camp – but who knows when they are.

Suddenly, Charlotte gets another nosebleed and drops to the ground.

So…is Charlotte dead? And if she is, will Daniel try to bend the rules of time travel to bring his love back?

Does anyone else think Mrs. Hawking is Daniel’s mother?

(UPDATE ON THIS THEORY: I’ve been bombarded with folks who support this notion, too! And fans like Godzilla8NJ – who posted in the comments section below – believe rifle-toting new girl, Ellie, might be a young Mrs. Hawking/Daniel’s mom.  After all, in the extended version of “The Lie,” we found out that Mrs. Hawking’s first name is Eloise. Daniel also chose Eloise as the name for his rat, the one who died testing his time travel theories.)

Will Ben try to kill Penny once she and Desmond hit L.A.?

Did I miss any Easter eggs?

Post your observations and theories in the comments section below!

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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