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‘Lost’ recap: We obsess over ‘This Place is Death’


Man, Charlotte’s brain might have been mush from all that time-tripping, but she was on the money with one thing last night.

This place – the island, that is – abso-freakin-lutely means death.

Mystery Island’s body count was off the charts in this episode: No less than a half-dozen people got sent to the boneyard.

Not to mention, everyone’s favorite Ghost Dad, Christian Shephard, made a special appearance.

And those who survived? Well, death still loomed large for them, too.

Locke made the final commitment to sacrifice his life for the island.

Jin insisted that Locke take his wedding ring, so he could convince Sun that he died on the freighter.

Danielle and her unborn baby represented life, until you remembered that both of them would be murdered years later by Widmore’s henchmen.

The death obsession even extended off-island – its powers extend far and wide, after all – snaring Sun and Jack (both of whom threatened to kill Ben) in its clutches.

Throw in the Smoke Monster, a few revelatory doozies (Charlotte and Daniel knew each other on the island before!?!) and time flash after flash after flash, and we had one hell of a whiplash-inducing hour.

So come on! Dive into Smokey’s Hieroglyphic Hell Pit with me and let’s dish on the details…


You wanted more Smokey? Well, you got him, and he was taking no prisoners when it came to Danielle’s science squad. First, Smokey used Nadine as a chew toy. Then Montand got dragged into a hole near some old ruins, much like the hole Locke was pulled into in the jungle in Season 1. The rest of the group,  including Jin, try to pull him to safety, but EWWWW! Smokey’s nasty tentacles simply rip Montand’s arm off and yank him underground.

Except Montand isn’t dead! The gang hears him calling for help – although is it me, or did he sound kinda spry for someone who presumably was gushing blood? Did I mention his ARM WAS RIPPED OFF BY A SMOKE MONSTER? You’d think he’d be a tad more hysterical. Anyway, the Frenchmen enter the hole to try to save him, but Jin convinces Danielle to stay behind because of her baby.

A time flash then sends Jin forward weeks later (Note to the writers: Using Montand’s decaying arm as a time reference was pretty cheap), when he finds the dead bodies of two of the Frenchies. He sees Danielle and Robert armed and arguing, with Danielle insisting that the smoke monster somehow “infected” the rest of the team. Robert says it isn’t a monster, but a security system designed to protect that temple.

(Side note: Where else have we heard mention of the Temple? In past seasons, that’s where Ben and Richard sent some of the Others because it was supposedly the safest place on the island.)

Security system or not, it seems that Danielle was right about Smokey turning her hubby mad, because he suddenly fires his rifle at her. The gun malfunctions, though, and Danielle shoots him.

Spying Jin, she tries to shoot him as well, thinking he’s infected, too. She also says, “I saw you disappear!” Could this a reference to what other people see when our Left Behinds flash in time, something we’ve all been wondering? Or does she just mean that Jin got lost in the smoke monster insanity?


Poor Charlotte succumbed to the horrors of time travel, which sent her whizzing through a bunch of memories before her brain finally conked out.

We learned that she grew up on the island because her parents were part of the Dharma Initiative. Her mom said “buh-bye” to her dad, and fled for London with Charlotte. She never saw her father again, and her mother told Charlotte that the island was a place she’d made up. That’s why she became an anthropologist, so she could find it again.

And, oh yeah, one other thing, there was some crazy dude back on the island who scared her as a kid, warning her that if she ever came back, she’d die.

That person was Daniel! (Who was apparently speaking from experience when he said that you can’t change the future.)

So who are Charlotte’s parents? Could she have a Widmore connection? And anyone else thinking again that she might be Ben’s childhood friend Annie? She’s about the right age, and Annie presumably escaped the Purge, since we hope that Ben wasn’t cold-hearted enough to kill his only friend.


One of the things Charlotte says before she dies is that Locke and the rest of the group should look for “the well” if they can’t find the Orchid station because of the time flashes. Sure enough, that’s good advice. When they skip to a pre-Orchid era, Locke finds a stone well with a (convenient) rope hanging down it.

During his descent, another time flash occurs, sending Locke crashing to the bottom and making the well above ground disappear.

Locke suffers leg injury, a massive break that exposes bone. (That man and his leg issues…)

All of a sudden, a lantern appears – held by Christian Shephard! Christian apparently can’t physically help Locke (maybe because he’s a GHOST?!?) but he can browbeat him for not properly following instructions.

Back in the cabin last season, he told Locke that HE had to move the island, not Ben. So Locke now has to fix the Donkey Wheel, which Ben moved off its axis. Plus, Locke will have to die.

Here’s where I started getting a little fuzzy: Is the reason the island’s skipping through time because of a simple mechanical issue? As in, a few whacks with a hammer will fix that in a jiffy? Seems way too simple. And if that’s the case, why do the Oceanic Six need to come back? There must be a larger issue – something involving the Ben Linus-Charles Widmore battle for the island – at stake.

Anyway, before Locke turns the wheel and presumably gets flung into off-island oblivion, Christian tells him to say hello to his son. Locke, of course, barely gets out, “Who’s your son?” before …. FLASH!!!


That wily Mr. Linus talks his way out of yet another assassination attempt by telling Sun that Jin is alive. He can prove it, if she comes with him to find someone who knows the way back to the island.

At that point – and this is one of the reasons I love “Lost” – Kate and Sayid act like anyone else by throwing up their hands and basically saying, “Okay, I’ve had it, y’all are crazy. See ya!” Kate leaves the marina with Aaron, and Sayid tells everyone not to come after him or it will be “very unpleasant.” (Beware of those ninja moves, O-Sixers…)

But Sun and Jack jump in the Magical Mystery Carpet Van and hit the road. During the ride, Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind. He also says that if she doesn’t kill Ben after the Aaron scam he just pulled on Kate, he will.

Ben responds by slamming on the brakes and getting seriously huffy. He tells them to basically shut up, that they have no idea what he’s done to try to protect them. True, or another one of Ben’s lies? And even if it is true that he’s been helping them, is it just because it helps his own agenda?

They finally arrive at the church, where Mrs. Hawking has been hiding out. (And what kind of church is this anyway, with secret basements and crazy science experiments going on? Something tells me your average Joe isn’t stopping by for Mass.)

Then Desmond pops out of the shadows, saying, hey, are you guys looking for Daniel Faraday’s mom, too? Ben looks stunned: Seems Eloise neglected to tell him that bit of personal info.

Mrs. Hawking then asks Ben why only four of the Sixers are there, but never mind, it’ll do for now. Now, let’s set that Return to Mystery Island plan in motion!

Somehow, I predict Desmond will soon be saying, “Uh, listen mates, I’m just here to deliver a message…and aren’t you the old lady who sold me Penny’s engagement ring and yammered about some ‘course-correcting’ nonsense because I kept trying to prevent Charlie from dying?”


• I’ll admit it, I shouted “Yay!” and started clapping when Jin was finally reunited with Sawyer and the rest of his castaway pals.

• How funny was it when everyone looked at Miles, the only other Asian person, to translate for Jin? Best line of the night: “Um, he’s Korean. I’m from Encino.”

• There were an awful lot of semantics flying around last night. Christian chided Locke for not fully understanding that “YOU have to move the island” meant that he PERSONALLY had to do it, not farm out the job to Ben. And Jack called Ben out for saying Locke never went to see him; Ben responds that, no, he went to see Locke. Jeez, you say tomato…

• Another shout-out for phony ’70s band, Geronimo Jackson, when Charlotte was time tripping in her head.

So have at it, Lost-philes! Post your theories and observations in the comments section below!

And tune in next Thursday for a recap of next week’s episode, “316.” I’m thinking that sounds an awful lot like another flight number…

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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