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30 Rock preview: Jalisa…or is it Larry King?


There’s no new Office tonight, but 30 Rock returns from a week off and it’s bringing a couple of newsy guest stars with it.

Don’t get alarmed. Steve Martin, Megan Mullally and Oprah are nowhere to be seen. No these are actual newsies: Larry King and Meredith Vieira. Exciting, right?

Here’s the episode summary. The photos are from the episode, which NBC is calling “Jalisa” and “Larry King,” because they apparently couldn’t make up their minds.

Jack considers taking the next step with Elisa, but will he be ab

le to choose between his commitment to her and his demanding career? Meanwhile, Tracy’s interview on “Larry King Live” sends New York City into a panic. Out in the chaotic city, Liz Lemon recruits Kenneth to venture out to Queens to retrieve her lost cell phone from a surly cabbie.

By the way, did you happen to catch the Republican response to the President’s speech the other night?

No? Politicians are boring and are just out to stick it to you anyway? Fair enough. But if you did see La. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response, then you may have noticed there’s a certain — what’s the word? — hayseed flavor to his voice.

In fact, a few people noticed he sounds a lot like 30 Rock’s resident hayseed, Kenneth the page. Judge for yourself. By the way, Jimmy Fallon apparently has some kind of new talk show.

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