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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of new ‘American Idol’ judge


Allison, Kris and Adam were put through on last week’s “American Idol,” so we’ve now got half of our Top 12 contestants.

But we’re not here to evaluate the singers. Our focus is on the performance of new judge Kara DioGuardi, a New Rochelle native.

Let’s look back at a Kara moment from last week, and offer a few tips for improvement:

Last week: Kara got fabulously frustrated when Paula seemed incapable of deciding whether Janine Vailes deserved another shot in the contest. (Janine has some killer legs, but butchered Maroon 5’s “This Love.”) After listening to Paula hem and haw for a few seconds, Kara stepped in to give her opinion: N-O.

Her decisiveness was great; our only quibble is that she didn’t have to say she was going “out on a limb.”

Really, Kara? Are you concerned that an “AI” goon squad will give you a talking-to after the show?

This week: Kara should remember that she’s on a live show – as in, don’t go on and on when giving constructive criticism. Advice from Randy and Paula doesn’t often make sense, but those two have mastered the art of the sound bite. Kara, take notes.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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