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‘Lost’ spoilers! Check out sneak peeks of tonight’s ‘LaFleur’


So WHEN exactly are our Losties?

Good question, though the last few episodes lead fans to believe that the castaways – both the Left Behinds and the Gone-Back-to-the-Island crew – are now stuck in the 1970s.

Which just happens to be when a little organization called the Dharma Inititative was setting up camp.

So have any of our beloved island dwellers infiltrated Dharma? Watch the following slideshow of stills from tonight’s show – and form your own pre-“LaFluer” conclusions.

lost slideshow.mov

Then click through to watch two clips from tonight’s episode, which includes an emotional Daniel telling Juliet about Charlotte’s death.

And I’ll leave you with this question to ponder: Who – or what- is LaFleur?

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Don’t forget to tune in here tomorrow for our regularly scheduled recap!

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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