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‘Lost’ recap: We obsess over ‘LaFleur’


Jeez, it’s bad enough we’ve got to keep track of what year our Losties are in, but now we’ve got ANOTHER name to add to the long list of aliases used on this show?

Yup, Sawyer, also known as James Ford, is now also known as Jim LaFleur to the Dharma Initiative.

And playing Jim has probably led to the most stability Sawyer’s ever had in his life: He’s got a steady job and a sweet home life. He’s even comes home for dinner with daisies for his girl!

Too bad it’s, you know, 1977 and he’s living 27 years in the past with a freaky cult that’s doomed to die. Plus, there’s that little problem of an ex-girlfriend from the future showing up suddenly.

Can you believe it? Sawyer and Juliet sitting in New Otherton, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! Then Kate shows up again, along with Jack: Could this love quadrangle get more complicated? Does this mean Sawyer’s happiness with Juliet over?

Oh, and did I mention that we saw the FOUR-TOED STATUE again?!?


Maybe that final time-flash cured those headaches for Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin and Daniel, but damn, I need some Tylenol.

So put on your Geronimo Jackson t-shirt everyone, and let’s start our question-filled dissection of “Lost,” 1970s-style!


Okay, so Locke turned that Donkey Wheel and blasted the Left-Behinds into 1974. Sawyer becomes the gang’s de facto leader, since Daniel’s mad scientist brain is fried after Charlotte’s death. Mr. Ford decides to intervene when they spy a dead Paul (from Dharma) and two Hostiles threatening to kill Amy (the first much-anticipated appearance by “24” actress Reiko Aylesworth).

Sawyer and Juliet gun down the Hostiles, saving Amy’s life. She repays them by disabling them all with the sonar fence and taking them to Dharma’s leader. When Sawyer wakes up, he lies to Horace Goodspeed, telling him they were shipwrecked looking for the Black Rock slave ship. P.S. Sawyer’s name is now Jim LaFleur.

Horace tells Sawyer/Jim he’s not Dharma material, so he and his crew will be on the first submarine off the island in the morning. But after Sawyer helps negotiate a treaty with Richard and the Hostiles, Horace gives them a two-week reprive.

So what exactly happened in those two weeks that resulted in the Left-Behinds staying for THREE YEARS?

Who knows, but by 1977, Sawyer is head of island security and playing house with Juliet (who’s the most over-qualified mechanic I’ve ever seen). Miles and Jin are on Dharma security detail, too, but …


We last saw a grief-stricken Daniel at the Dharma barracks in 1974, when he spotted a red-haired girl that he thought was a young Charlotte. We don’t actually see it, but presumably, the moment adult Charlotte described before her death happens soon afterward: A crazed, bearded man (Daniel) tells her not to return to the island or she’ll die.

So what happened to Daniel after that? He’s the only one of the five Left-Behinds not shown in 1977. Where – or when – is he?


Horace Goodspeed is turning out to be more important than we thought.

We already knew he was the Dharma leader from Ben’s Season 3 flashback; Horace ended up dying in the Purge, which Ben helped orchestrate. But Horace first met Ben and his family in Portland in the 1960s. Ben was born prematurely on the side of a road, and his mother died shortly afterward. (Horace also helped Ben and his deadbeat dad come to the island about 10 years later.)

But do you remember the woman who was with Horace back then? It wasn’t Amy. His wife at the time was a blond woman named Olivia. She was with him in Portland, and she was Ben’s schoolteacher on the island, at approximately the same point in the ’70s as our Left-Behinds are now.

So where’s Olivia? Did Horace dump her to marry Amy?

And speaking of Horace and Amy, who do you think their baby boy turns out to be? He’s got to be someone we know already, right?

That’s right, Juliet came out of her self-imposed medical retirement to successfully deliver Amy’s baby. Which means that the island’s problem with pregnant ladies hasn’t happened yet. (Good call on that one, Sawyer!)


We knew from Ben’s prior flashback that Dharma and the Hostiles didn’t get along, but when did the two sides form a truce? And what did they plan to do with Paul’s body?

And if Richard is still the leader of the Hostiles in 1977, then when exactly did Charles Widmore serve as Head Other?

And don’t forget Sawyer’s awesome reference to Richard as “the guy with the eyeliner.”


Here’s a refresher course on Mr. Freaky Digits, since my husband and editor (who, thankfully for THEIR sanity, are not as freakishly obsessed with this show as I am) didn’t remember a thing about the island’s mystery statue.

Way back in Season 2, when Sayid, Sun and Jin were sailing around the island to the Others’ camp, they spotted a statue that consisted of a lone sandal-wearing foot, that had only four toes. It was never mentioned again, although “Lost” fanatics like me have always wondered the significance was.

Then in last night’s very brief flash before Sawyer & Co. was spat into 1974, they made a pit stop at what looked like ancient times and saw .. THE STATUE! And it was complete!

They only saw it from behind, but it looked vaguely Egyptian, and according to Lostpedia, the figure carried an ankh symbol in each hand. The ankh is an immortality and fertility symbol, the same symbol that was on a necklace worn by Amy’s murdered husband, Paul.

The statue isn’t the only reference the show’s made to the island’s ancient history. A few weeks ago, we were shown the Temple, a.k.a. the Smoke Monster’s lair. And the secret door in Ben’s island home – where he went to summon Ol’ Smokey last season – had what looked like hieroglyphics carved on it.


The show had been hinting at a Sawyer-Juliet hookup since last season’s finale, when the two shared a bottle of rum and watched the freighter burn on the beach. (Aw, romantic!)

It finally happened, but it was no random jungle smooch, a la Jack and Juliet.

Sawyer and Juliet are a serious couple in Dharma-land, except despite what Sawyer told Horace, he’s still carrying a torch for Kate after three long years.

Otherwise, why would he still be sending Jin out every day to search the island?

That dedication paid off, because as we saw two weeks ago, Jin and the Dharma van picked up Kate, Jack and Hurley not long after they were beamed back to the island via Flight 316. Sawyer chose not to tell Juliet of their return right away, heading out to meet them alone.

That final scene also proves how well this show plays with our emotions, without overplaying its hand. Of course we all knew that Kate was going to step out of that van, but didn’t your throat still catch in the moment Sawyer saw his beloved Freckles?

Man, Juliet just can’t catch a break in the romance department.


• Why doesn’t the sonar fence keep out Richard and the Hostiles?

• Why was Horace throwing dynamite near the sonar fence, and where did he get it? The Black Rock?

• When did Dharma stop sending pregnant women to the mainland to deliver their babies? When did the island’s fertility problem develop?

• What’s going on with Charlotte’s birth date? If Daniel saw a young Charlotte on the island in 1974, how could she have been born in 1979 in England, as Ben’s dossier on the Freighter Folk revealed?

• Where are the rest of the castaways? We know that Rose, Bernard and the rest of the survivors were moving through time right along with Sawyer’s crew when the flashes started. Wouldn’t they have been popped into the ’70s, too? So why wouldn’t Sawyer and Jin have found them during their routine sweeps of the island? Same goes for Locke, Sun, Frank and the 316ers: Are they all in the same era?

• Does Dharma have an on-island ESL program? Jin’s English majorly improved from 1974 to 1977.

That’s it for now, and we’ll have to wait two weeks to find out more!

“Lost” returns March 18 with “Namaste.” And let’s just say that we’ll learn a lot more about a young Ben. Don’t forget, he was on the island in the 1970s, too…

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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