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The 30 Rock recap: The Funcooker


The first thing I did after 30 Rock ended was go to the Urban Dictionary and look up Funcooker. Nothing.

Unlike the other term that was referenced in the show — no, I’m not repeating it or linking to UD here — there’s no such thing as a funcooker, as far as I can tell. Well, there wasn’t until Tracy made up a meaning for it as he bared his hind quarters on national television. Network advertisers have all the fun, huh?

I cringe when I read a review that calls an episode of a show a “return to form” or a “classic” episode, mainly because it’s so subjective. That said, I’ve been disappointed with this entire season, and “The Funcooker” truly felt to me like it could have aired in the show’s first or second season. It wasn’t just funny — this season has been plenty funny. It’s that it felt to me like 30 Rock always used to feel: original, off-beat and kind of silly.

Read the rest of my reaction and watch the full episode and clips from Tracy Morgan’s stint on SNL after the jump…

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There was no drama or even pseudo-drama. Liz was confronted with jury duty, not a ticking biological clock. Jack was balancing the show and the  demands of the Microwave Programming Division, not his love life and his crazy mother. Tracy, sometimes the only great thing about recent 30 Rock episodes, was again the best thing about this one.

We got a little bit of Janet Jimplin, a dose of Liz-as-Leia and Dr. Spaceman prescribed Jenna some really bad sleeping pills. I really could not want more, especially after what was, for me, a disappointing Office. We even got some accidentally attempted arson and near-mass murder! What fun!

How wistful did Liz look when the actual arsonist in her trial turned out to have a happier existence than her own? Still, that lady didn’t have to rub it in like that.

A few things stick out for me now.

I loved that Cerie thought Liz told her to be more proactive about things when really Liz was urging her to buy more ProActive. I also loved that Kenneth owns a skullpresser for when he pickles squirrel meat.

I really liked that John Hamm was nowhere to be seen in this one, though his dull storyline has one episode to go.

Speaking of ham, not that I was, but Jack’s portable microwave has a ham button. It was nice of him to use Liz’s idea.

Random Scrabble tiles are no way to pick a name for something. The possibilities range from inappropriate to frightening.

I can’t blame Jenna from keeling over while broadcasting live from the St. Patrick’s Day parade. It is a really long parade. Still, Tracy didn’t have to wake her up like that. He should have sworn for three hours straight beforehand to get it out of his system. Martha Stewart doesn’t know what she’s in for.

If what Dr. Spaceman does for the staff of TGS isn’t his medical practice, then what exactly is it? And I’m really intrigued by his relationship with that lab assistant of his. Hubba hubba, huh?

The holy trinity of marketing, according to Jack, is college students, the morbidly obese and homosexuals.

Oh, and poor Lutz. The guy wasn’t even talking. Either time.

By the way, Tracy Morgan hosted SNL this week. I missed it because I’m physically incapable of staying up late and because Hulu mitigates the need to watch actual TV. So here’s a few highlights.

Cold Open

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Another View

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