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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: ‘Grandfather’


Ah, Nate Archibald – we missed you!

You can be forgiven for temporarily slumming in Brooklyn with the eternally boring Vanessa, now that you’ve returned – new and improved – to the Upper East Side and your Kennedy-esque family, the van der Bilts.

Got that? Nate’s family are van der Bilts, people, according to the CW.

Not Vanderbilts, in case any of you real-life gazillionaires with the same-sounding last name are deciding whether or not to sue the show.

Anyway, Nate was on the outs with Mom’s side of the family, since Grandpa seemed to abandon them during their “time of need,” a.k.a. those pesky little embezzlement charges against Nate’s dad.

But with a little encouragement from Vanessa, Dan and Nate’s pretentiously named cousin, Tripp, Nate agreed to go to the country for the ridiculously ostentatious van der Bilt reunion.

And a few backslaps and one family-crest encrusted blazer later, and Nate’s abandoning his summer plans to backpack through Eastern Europe with Vanessa for an internship in the mayor’s office.

Hopefully, he’s come back, full circle, to the Nate we loved at the beginning of “GG.” A hookup with ex-GF Blair would definitely be a fun way to explode his relationship with Vanessa and sideline the inevitable Chuck-Blair reunion.

Speaking of the not-so-Queen B., what exactly is it that Blair Waldorf would do?

Answer that question, and watch Blair do the opposite.

Sleep with icky Carter Baizen?

Steal sunglasses from a ritzy store?

The old Blair Waldorf would never do those things, not unless there was a ulterior motive, of course. But New Blair is free of hangups, or so she says.

Which has Serena and Chuck really worried. But leopards can’t change their spots, and neither can Blair Waldorf.

The strange townhouse Blair is visiting – the one that S. and C. are convinced is a wild party that B. can’t handle – is actually the home of a Sarah Lawrence dean. Where she went to beg admittance. In tears. And was rejected, because, you know, word spreads fast in those academic circles when you blow up the career of a private school teacher.

But who ends up talking B. down from the ledge? Nate, of all people.

Both of them are having trouble finding themselves – aren’t we all? – and can relate to the feelings of being lost. Nate’s pep talk, “You’re Blair Waldorf!,” does B. lots of good.

So much good, in fact, that B. asks Nate to stay the night, with her best come-hither look.

As for the Rufus-Lily romance, the two decide to reveal their list of former lovers after Lily discovers that Rufus once dated her art dealer.

Not too smart on Lily’s part, since as Serena so thoughtfully pointed out, “It’s gonna take him 20 minutes to get through the ’90s alone.” (And really, Lily, Slash? I’ll give you a 90s-era Trent Reznor.)

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle when Rufus finds the second page of Lily’s list, which she hid when he revealed that he’d only slept with a measly 13 women.

How is that possible when Rufus was a super-hot rock star once upon a time?

Seems he was pining for a certain blond photojournalist all that time.


So what did you think of this episode?

Did your heart break as you watched Chuck spot Nate’s blazer in Blair’s apartment?

Will Chuck and Blair ever get together?

Or do you think Nate and Blair are each other’s true loves?

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

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