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‘Lost recap: We obsess over ‘He’s Our You’


Sorry, young Ben Linus. A chicken salad sandwich and a book ain’t gonna save you from the deadly Sayid Jarrah.

Neither is the fact that your childhood was made miserable by an abusive dad.

Or the fact that you’re – you know – only 12 years old.

Because our assassin friend remembers all too well the horrors that you’ll inflict on others in the future.

Sayid’s flash to the past gave him a chance to take you out.

And he grabbed it.


So if you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler? (And in this scenario, Hitler is Ben.)

That’s the question a Dharma construction worker posed to Dr. Pierre Chang in this season’s premiere. Chang tells him that’s absurd: There are clear rules involved with time travel.

Which is what Daniel Faraday’s been saying all along to the Left Behinds, too. No matter what we do, we can’t change the future.

Except Sayid doesn’t know about these time travel regulations. And I suspect that even if he did, he’d still have blown young Ben away – just in case Daniel and Chang are wrong.

So are they wrong? Is Benjamin Linus dead?

Of course not.

After all, wouldn’t that mean future Ben wouldn’t exist?

It’s looking more and more like Ben really needed the Oceanic Six (or 5, I guess, since Aaron’s still AWOL) to return to the island in order to fulfill HIS destiny. Whether that destiny coincides with the good of the castaways, the island and the outside world remains to be seen.

Much like Locke, Ben knows he needs Sayid to shoot him in order to jump-start some pivitol event in 1977.

My theory? Again, a la Locke, Ben needs to die – and be resurrected by the island – so the Hostiles make him their leader.

(P.S. We’re sure to find out more on these supposed time-travel rules next week. After all, the April 1 episode is titled, “What Happened, Happened,” which has been Daniel’s mantra.)

But let’s talk a bit more about that jarring final scene. Did anyone else see it coming? In retrospect, I probably should have.

Still, it shocked the heck outta me – if for no other reason than it’s pretty audacious for a network show to have a main character murder a kid in cold blood.

Even if that kid grows up to be pretty freakin’ evil.

For me, those last 30 seconds completely elevated “He’s Our You” from a ho-hum episode. Before that, I was doing some serious eye-rolling at the LSD-supposed-torture scene between Oldham and Sayid. (Note to Sawyer: He’s our you? Uh, Sayid slid bamboo under your fingernails and snapped an Other’s neck with his legs. Totally not the same thing.)

Yup, minus those closing installments, this one was mostly filler. But hey, we need to fill in those details every now and then, don’t we?

So what did we find out?

Sayid started learning those serious kung fu moves – and a sad inclination to kill – at an early age. He stepped in to break a chicken’s neck so his brother wouldn’t have to; their father insisted that this made Sayid a real man.

We also discovered how Sayid got back to the island. Unwillingly.

Once Ben released him from assassination duty of Widmore’s people, he went off to atone for his sins by building houses in Santo Domingo. Ben’s subsequent “you’re a killer” speech did little to convince him to return to the island – and with that kind of pep talk, it’s unclear why Ben bothered to visit Sayid at all.

So what did get him back?

A bounty hunter named Ilana, the gal who was escorting Sayid to Guam on Flight 316. She says she was hired by the family of Peter Avellino, the Italian golfer/supposed Widmore henchman who Sayid murdered in Season 3.

Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t. She could very well be teling the truth when she says she doesn’t know Ben.

That doesn’t mean Ben didn’t have something to do with her hiring.

(Side note: How bad-ass is Ilana? She totally took Sayid out, and as we know, that’s not easy to do. If these two ever reconnect on the island, they need to put all of their pesky differences aside and get back to their interrupted sexytime. They’re like a superhero couple or something.)

But getting back to Ben’s manipulation, we all think the young Master Linus is the one who set fire to the Dharma van, right?

What do you think, Lost-philes?

Will young Ben rise from the dead next week?

Was he even dead to begin with?

Discuss away – and tune in next week for our dissection of the Kate-centric “Whatever Happened, Happened.”

Based on a few clues dropped by ABC, my suspicion is we’ll learn what Sawyer whispered to Kate in the helicopter in last season’s finale … and what Kate did with Aaron before she came back to the island.

Namaste, everyone!

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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