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No Office or 30 Rock tonight, but at least you’ve got me…right?


I’m somewhat at a loss here on a Thursday with no Office or 30 Rock to look forward to tonight.

But never fear, your faithful Remote Accessory is here with a few items to get you through the off-week. Just a few, mind you.

For starters, here’s the link to Liz Lemon’s 1-800-OKFACE ad from last week’s 30 Rock.

One question: if they don’t take credit cards, how do you pay the 70 cents a minute? I’m only embedding the actual scene from the episode because the faux ad expires in two days.

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Spoiler-monger Michael Ausiello of EW.com had the following to say about the season finale. It ain’t much, but it sounds pretty awesome…

Question: Got anything on 30 Rock‘s season finale? –Martin
Picture a “We Are the World”-esque charity single. Then picture one of the celeb participants being Jenna. Now picture yourself laughing until your spleen ruptures.

And from an Office standpoint, if you’re still wondering about “Two Weeks” and all the open questions that it left lingering, i.e. the ridiculous exchange between Jim and Charles about the reality of the ARM position, OfficeTally has posted probably the best writer’s Q&A yet.

Writer Aaron Shure fills in the blanks, at times in hilarious fashion.

I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler, only because it’s so lame, but it’s one of the few items out there right now. TVGuide.com‘s Mickey O’Connor took a question about Jim and Pam’s impending nuptials.

Will we see The Office‘s Jim and Pam get married this season, or at least hear something about their wedding plans? — Sarah
MICKEY: Jim and Pam won’t tie the knot until the fall, I hear, mostly because Pam’s new job sitch will complicate their courtship. In the meantime, ask yourself this question: What would happen to this twosome if Pam becomes more successful than Jim?

That’s about as intriguing as a ham sandwich.

And while I haven’t given it a listen yet, there’s a new Office podcast at iTunes called Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. While I’m at it, may as well plug the existing two podcasts, which I listen to regularly: The Office Alliance and That’s What She Said. Each sets a high bar for any new entries to the field to meet.

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