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‘Lost’ finale code name revealed!


We Lost-philes know that every season finale has a bombshell moment that’s given a not-so-secret code name.

Season 1 gave us “The Bagel” (Walt’s abduction by the Others) and last year’s finale offered “The Frozen Donkey Wheel” (when Ben moves the island).

This time around, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse asked fans to submit their suggestions, from which they’d pick the most appropriate nickname.

So this week, on their regular ABC.com podcast, they announced that this season’s finale catchphase is…

“The Fork in the Outlet.”

But, of course, the big question is: What the heck does it mean?

We know that the title of the two-part season finale is “The Incident.”

That’s a likely reference to the catastrophic event that occurred at Dharma’s Swan station decades ago (or, a few years in the future, if we’re talking Dharma circa 1977).

Dr. Chang referred to it in those orientation videos – remember them? – because the Incident is what caused Desmond and our 815 survivors to have to push that button every 108 minutes in the original Hatch.

If you’ve forgotten, the Hatch and the Swan are the same station. In the 70s, it’s still being built: Radzinsky had his Dharma-issued undies in a bunch because Sayid – who they thought was a spy for the Others – had seen a construction model for the Swan.

We also know that the Incident involved some kind of major electromagnetic discharge, thus possibly leading us to … “The Fork in the Outlet.” And what happens when you do that? You get electrocuted.

So my guess is that this moment will be when one of our Losties tries to save the island and its inhabitants.


Which, obviously, ties in perfectly with the big finale death rumor going around.

So, what up, fans? Am I on track with this one?

If so, who do you think will be the one sent to the island graveyard?!?

Tune in here on Thursday for our weekly analysis of this week’s episode, “Dead is Dead.”

Want a hint about what’s going to happen?

Well, since it’s a Ben-centric episode, the producers have teased that we might find out why Ben was all bloody before he got on Ajira Flight 316.

Let’s just say Penny will be making an appearance…

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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