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USA Today breaks down which shows are coming back, which one’s probably aren’t and which are on the bubble


Upfronts, the event where the networks woo advertisers with glitzy presentations of their fall schedules, are a month away, but speculation has been rampant for months about what current shows will survive the summer.

Fortunately, USA Today has done what it does best: created a graphic that breaks it all down for easy consumption. You can view it here.

What’s immediately clear to me is how few shows I watch, considering I blog about TV almost daily. I can take personal credit for contributing to the potential or impending demise of dozens of these shows that I’ve never seen. If you’re a fan of one of these, sorry.

A few entries jump out at me:

  • Chuck is on the bubble. This is wrong. This show should have been picked up when fellow Monday night entry Heroes was. It’s the better of the two shows and probably cheaper to produce. Go here to check it out and go here to lend your support.
  • Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles is considered dead here too. It’s not a newsflash, but it’s one more nail in the expectations coffin. Despite occasional glimmers of hope, like the fact that it hasn’t be canceled yet or that Brian Austin Green spoke in an interview like he expected the show to come back, it’s probably just dead.
  • According to Jim is dead. Seriously? It wasn’t canceled in 2002?
  • ‘Til Death is returning. Seriously? I thought it was canceled after its first season.
  • The Office is returning. Again, not a newsflash, but I remember when it’s pickup for seasons 2 and 3 were a big deal. A sixth season was hard to fathom. But this season’s finale will be the 100th episode, and that’s just kind of cool.

For what it’s worth, that Chuck banner — courtesy of the above-linked GiveMeMyRemote.com — is my own bit of editorializing. Hey, it’s a blog.

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