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‘Lost’ recap: We obsess over ‘Some Like It Hoth’


Somehow “Lost” always knows when our brains are on the verge of exploding, and that’s when they bring us an episode like “Some Like It Hoth.”

Because after going through back-to-back, ultra-emotional episodes like the last two Kate- and Ben-centric installments, sometimes you’ve just got to take a breather and enjoy the funny.

And funny it was: Miles and Hurley made for a hilarious tag team, basically offering “The Sixth Sense” as a one-hour dramedy.

They see – or hear – dead people. And sometimes play chess with them.

You’ve gotta love Hurley, right? While the others are desperately trying to figure out if they can use their time traveling to prevent death and destruction, good ol’ Hugo just wants to rid pop culture of the Ewoks.

Dude. Awesome.

It wasn’t all fun and games though.

We got confirmation that Dr. Pierre Chang is indeed Miles’ daddy.

And we learned why Miles wanted Ben to pay him the seemingly random figure of $3.2 million last season. (It was double the amount Charles Widmore was giving him to join the freighter squad, although $1.6 million isn’t any less random – other than 16 being one of the Numbers.)

If you were paying close attention, we got a wee bit more data on some of the Ajira 316 survivors, too.

Oh yeah, and polar bears poop a lot.

So hold on to your fillings, Lost-philes, and let’s dive into the details…


Miles appears to have had his ghost whisperer ability since childhood, although his talent differs from Hurley’s knack for speaking to dead people.

Miles can only hear them – and contact works best when he’s close to the body. (Cremation apparently throws Miles’ spirit-summoning antenna out of whack.)

Hurley, on the other hand, can hold conversations with the dead as if they’re still alive. Is this because of H’s mental illness? Unclear, but the discrepancy will likely be significant down the road.

Anyway, it turns out that Miles never knew his father, Dr. Chang, because according to his dying mother, he kicked them out (and off the island) when Miles was a baby. She also claims that Chang has been “dead a long time.”

So it sounds like we’re not going to see many more of those sweet polar bear book reading moments between Miles and his papa on the island. Could this mean that Chang is the character who’s been rumored to die by season’s end?


Boy, those Dharma members were busy little beavers back in the day, building all those stations on the island. Last night, we saw them working feverishly on both the Swan (a.k.a. the Hatch) and the Orchid.

It’s dangerous work, too: Who knew having a filling could kill you? Alverez sure didn’t. The Dharma union should get on that. (And anyone else think the dead dude looked weirdly like a thinner Hurley?)

Here are a few other station-related questions:

• Why were the Numbers used as a kind of serial number on the Hatch?

• Why is the Hatch hidden behind a fake jungle wall? Sure, Dharma’s building illegally on Hostile territory. But seriously, are a few flimsy vines and some cardboard going to fool Richard & Co.?

• Why is it so important that Alverez’s body is taken to the Orchid?


The lies told by our Dharma-dwelling Losties are beginning to unravel.

First, Ben’s dad, Roger, suspects that Kate knows something about Ben’s disappearance. Jack defends Kate, but in doing so, he gives away the fact that he’s known Kate for awhile. (She wouldn’t be his good friend, if they’d just met on the submarine, would she?)

Then, of course, there’s the problem with Phil. Miles wasn’t able to erase the security tape that shows Sawyer and Kate bringing Ben to Richard, so whoops!, Phil now has some things to discuss with Mr. LaFleur. Solution? A sucker punch and some rope.

I don’t think that’s gonna hold off the Dharma gang for long. As Juliet said, “Here we go.”


Did you figure out the identity of the guy who forced Miles into that van? It took me awhile to recall who he is, too.

But his name is Bram, and he’s one of the Ajira survivors working with Ilana. Before last night, we’d never heard him speak. We’d only seen him pull a gun on Frank, and he helped Ilana try to open that huge crate that was aboard the plane.

But now, it turns out that WAY before anyone got on Ajira 316, Bram was trying to convince Miles not to work for Widmore.

He asked Miles the same test question that Ilana asked Frank on the island: “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” (And okay, what DOES lie in the shadow of the statue? I hope we find out soon, because this is just  annoying.)

But a bigger question is this: Who do Ilana and Bram work for? If it’s not Widmore or Ben, then who’s the mysterious third party?


• Young Miles discovered the key to the dead guy’s apartment under the statue of a rabbit (sort of a “Lost” mascot). The rabbit had an 8 – another one of the Numbers – stamped in its ear.

• Naomi’s test of Miles’ psychic ability involved speaking to a corpse named Felix. But it confirmed for viewers that Widmore did indeed fake and cover up the crash of Oceanicc 815.

• When Jack is cleaning the Dharma classroom’s chalkboard, he’s erasing notes on Egyptology and hieroglypics. (So the kiddies learn how to read the smoke monster instructions?)

That’ll have to tide you over for two weeks, Lost-philes! Next week is a clip show – boo! – but the show returns April 29 with its 100th episode – yay!

So you know it’s gonna be good.

After all, as last night’s final scene showed, Daniel Faraday is back on the island. He’s spent the last three years of doing scientific mumbo-jumbo at Dharma world headquarters in scenic Ann Arbor, MI.

And he’s got some s’plainin’ to do about those time travel rules and how the heck he knows so much about the island…

Namaste, everyone!

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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