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The 30 Rock recap: Jackie Jormp-Jomp


Who wouldn’t want to hang around with a bunch of lazy women, drinking, getting botox injections and generally letting your brain atrophy? So what if the only downside is the occasional fight scene?

Liz got a taste of an alternate existence, one in which she doesn’t have to eat her lunch in a bathroom stall or live in a building she doesn’t even know has a gym or vending machines. One in which she BM’s like a rock star.

But two weeks off for molesting a corporate hatchet man is one thing. Telling Jeffrey Weinerslave to drop his Dockers just so you can take another six weeks, well that’s just avoiding reality. And the reality is that the TGS world crumbles without her. That it crumbles even with her is besides the point.

You can only live the life of an Indigo Girl for so long.

“Jackie Jormp-Jomp” was such an annoying title that I wasn’t even looking forward to this episode. That it turned out to be the latest title for Jenna’s rights-less Janice Joplin biopic redeemed it perfectly.

While she got a glimpse of life after death and Liz got a glimpse of how the jobless half lives, Tracy got a taste of authority and Kenneth apparently learned that the Today Show cast are not as sweet as they appear on camera.

A much better episode than last week’s “Cutbacks,” in my opinion, and a great stab at mixing things up without the distraction of guest stars or strange settings.

Sure, Meredith Vieira made Kenneth eat an unripe banana in front of her, and told him the sexual harassment was nothing a pretty boy like him should fill his head with. But his heart still lay with Daphne the dancer, who his best friend in the world Dot Com stole. No more extra mustard for him.

I thought we might be in for a “What if Tracy was in charge?” episode. But he just took charge long enough to fire Daphne, forcing the hiring of the most hideous replacement dancers ever. They came in handy at the end, though, with the retrospective rendition of “Muffin Top,” the first ever posthumous performance by the original artist.

The whole night went downhill for Jenna as soon as she got bumped off the red carpet by a giant backpack. She should never have put that Raven Simone feud aside. She knows what she did.

Jenna couldn’t have felt too badly. She was ready to get Tupac’d by Jack, right after she peed. No, wait, Tupac’d, as in capitalizing on her demise. (That pre-teen exec on the crackberry — that was a crackberry, right? — was hilarious.)

She might have pulled it off. After all, she watched her entire church group get eaten by a bear. But she couldn’t resist the limelight, or the revelation of her actual age, not her actress age. Pete should be relieved. He isn’t, though. He can’t feel anything.

As for Daphne, Tracy had to do fire her. “Friendship and trust in the entourage is the most important thing, like that HBO show, John Adams.”

No Frank, or any of the writers, in this one, but I think we got the first direct reference to one of Frank’s hats: Constant Craving.

I have no idea what that means.

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